Psychic powers

I know that psychics and those who believe they can see the future are wrong, and I definitely don’t believe in them, but what about if those “powers” were used for good or to help others? The only thing I don’t get is how these people see or know something that will happen - i know it can’t be from God, so if these people do have powers, than should they resist it and not use them at all??

Like Nostrademus or personal mediums?

There are no “psychic powers” per se. Sometimes God can show what might happen to a person so that they can do something to change or improve the situation (some saints, for instance, have been shown when and how they were going to die, so they could be well-prepared for a brutal martyrdom).

Other times, devils tell people what they think is going to happen. Angels and demons are outside of time but God blocks them so they don’t know what will happen, however they are even better at predicting the future than the smartest human, so they can often make a pretty good guess. Devils tell people what might happen in order to make people think that they either have psychic powers or that God is talking to them, and then they tell them to do something very stupid and corrupt them more. Devils are the ultimate con-men.

the difference between the saints who had those gifts and those psychics is that they were given to the saints by god…the saints didnt try to develop them by using new age or occult ritual…

plus psychics call upon “dead” people…which the church frowns on and says that they are really talking to demons

Oh, I didn’t know that. Thank you!!

Here is an article I think you’ll find helpful:


Great question.

I watch the Psychic Detective programs on television because they just weird me out.

In my opinion, no one would seek out the last breath and death experiences of murdered people, so that I find odd.

It’s clearly a painful experience.

Hard core policemen and women and police detectives start out believing the worst about psychic murder detectives.

All the rest of the psychics, I don’t have any faith in. But, these darn psychic detectives.

I believe God makes all of us aware at times of certain events that we can’t know from our reason.for instance he may give a person a preminition of not to board a plane that they were going on and later they hear that it crashes.God may give some people more preminitions than others but I don’t believe that He gives it to any person where they can actually rely on this to predict a majority of the time.Some psychics have been used to find say a lost child but still their chances of success is very low.They are used as a last resort.Don’t ever spend money on these telephone psychics.

Prophesy is a gift of the Holy Spirit, and those who have it can certainly use it for good. It can also be imitated by demons, and ultimately no good can come from that. If someone has this gift there are ways to determine if it is from God. Someone who has it from God isn’t going to advertise it. If someone has it and it’s ongoing, they are going to live lives of holiness. If someone has the gift of prophesy or healing or any other gift, they aren’t going around getting drunk all the time or sleeping with everyone who will have them. Someone who lives like that and has the gift of prophesy likely did not get it from the Holy Spirit.

Nice article, thanks.

My understanding is basically expressed in that great article Ed gives a link to.

In addition to it, I understand that the Holy Spirit gives people gifts which include the gift of prophecy and the gift of healing. I have met people that have these gifts and they were born with it. I know this may shock some of you or may fall in unwelcome ears, but, it is my truth and one I have lived with all my life and that is, that I understand that I have the gift of prophecy. I have tried all my life to understand this and have finally come to understand that it is a gift from the Holy Spirit. Why me? I have no answer. In my twenties I was still trying to understand and even spoke with the director of psychology at a fine university in New England regarding my dreams of the future which I have sometimes and he decided that we were going to study the matter together. Well, of course, he wanted scientific proof and we could not find a way to prove it scientifically and it just so happened that during the course of our investigation I did not have a revelation so he could not witness it. I found my answers in the Catholic Church.

The reason I am being so candid about sharing this is because I am in the process, of course with the help of the Holy Spirit, of helping someone stop practicing voodoo. As a matter of fact, I received a call this week from someone delighted with the news and curious about what I said and how I even got the person to listen to me. They said that if anyone can get this purpose to put away that altar is me because I got a well known atheist to return to Jesus and confess after 66 years without confessing. I,of course, only planted the seed, the person has to be open and ultimately all Praise belongs to God. This is not something that happens over night and I became enemy number one to this person exactly because just mypresence was perceived as a threat to her identity and of having to give up presumed powers and glories etc…

One of the things that I said to this person who has been practicing voodoo for nearly fifty years was my answer to her objection; but, I was born with this. I was able to answer that question. I had to be quick on my feet, sort of speak, you have to plant the seed as quickly and as best that you can because you may never get another opportunity; I said; Exactly! You were born with it and who created you? God created you and that is a gift that you were born with, just like there are people that are born with the gift of healing; but, you do not want to use it incorrectly nor put it at the disposition of Satan or demons. I told her that she was not going to lose it if she renounced the occult practices and that she needs to recognize that she herself does not have any powers nor can she control this gift. Not, that she ever really could, because even when demons are involved it is not as though the person really becomes in control, it is just that something in addition is added and a lot of pretext by demons and also a lot of illusions of grandeur and individual distinction which make the persons actually become quite narcissistic and materialistic.

Well, I could go on, but, I don’t want to bore anyone…

I think it is helpful in helping people leave Santeria and Voodoo to understand some of their objections as the one noted. It can not simply be ignored and hope that it goes away. I think always people’s human dignity need to be respected as their situation is addressed. It may not happen over night and continuous prayers are important. The situation that I mentioned is one that I have had the opportunity to deal with for years. I have been enemy number one with hatred and detestation but, nonetheless, sought for unwanted answers every so often and other times completely avoided and just hated. During the last phone discussion we had, she said that she will take apart her altar. I said that that is not enough, that she must renounce all of that and those spirits and with a contrite and repentant heart - confess. She is thinking about it. Please keep this situation in your prayers.

What about people who can recall events, like murders and help police find dead bodies. There are many police forces that call upon these people in their communities when searching for someone. What do you call that and where or who does that ability come from? They are using these visions or whatever they have for good, I suppose. Is this ability from god?

Hello coco2,

Well, I am certainly no expert and what I am about to express is my personal opinion and certainly if anything I write is against the teachings of the Catholic Church anyone and everyone is asked to please correct me.

I find that to do this is wrong. Firstly, they charge and recall:

Matthew 10:8

Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons.** Freely you have received; freely give**.
Matthew 10:7-9 (in Context) Matthew 10 (Whole Chapter)

1 Corinthians 2:12

What we have received is not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, so that we may understand what God has freely given us.

Secondly, it seems to me to be a violation of the first commandment, because the person is actually trying to control what they can or cannot see.

Contrary to the Gift of Healing, with which I have seen, for instance, a Eucharistic Minister who has this gift start by calling the Holy Spirit ( in such a beautiful and faithful manner that it just impacted me and with such a beautiful faith) and so through him the Holy Spirit heals the sick; so that he is actually initiating the gift; with the gift of prophecy I do not know that it is appropriate to attempt to initiate it. I think it would be a violation of the first commandment to attempt to control it and initiate it.

Furthermore, people that do this kind of work may very well be doing it by the power of demons. So, there is always the question of by the power of whom? I certainly would never employ anyone for this task, because, exactly I would think that it is by the power of the devil even if the person may have a Gift of the Holy Spirit but is misusing it and by doing so place it at the disposition of Satan and his demons who will add and do their thing.

It’s just like someone who has the Gift of Healing, this person could freely assist people through the Holy Spirit and in the name of Our Lord Jesus and with prayer etc… but, if the person starts charging and claiming to be able to cure this or that by his own powers - it is no longer of God. A person that has the gift of healing prays to the Holy Spirit and asks the Holy Spirit to heal a person if it be good for his/hers salvation and according to the will of God, but does not think that it is something that he himself can do nor can he promise anything.

I do not know if I am explaining myself, but, the bottom line is that in my estimation, people that place themselves up for hire to discover something that is unknown are playing with the fire of the devil and this is different than those that have a gift of the Holy Spirit who will not charge and may very well never even offer to do such a thing.

I think a good measure, for this in my ignorance, I would suggest, the Saints. Did the Saints charge? No. Were they up for hire? No. They did make promises of their own accord and by their own power? No.Did they try to forcefully see in the future etc…? No.

Hope this helps,:blush:



The sixth sense runs on my mother’s side of my family. My Mom, great-grandmother and I all share some psychic gifts. However, my Mom, who is Jewish, taught us all that we were not to speak of it or try to “use” our gift in any way. Its just part of who we are - neither good nor bad. Just a trait. And certainly not something to be discussed or bragged about. When I was little, I thought everyone’s family had stuff happen. SInce my Mom had taught us not to discuss this stuff with others, I was nearly 12 years old before I learned not all families had this stuff.

My best friend, who recently died, was also psychic to some extent. We noticed that when we were together, the amount of significant “events” (our term for it) would increase.

I sometimes do get glimpses of the future, but I’m careful never to tell anyone about it. Well, sometimes I share it with my husband, but generally, he prefers me not to speak of it with him.

And though from personal experience I KNOW that some people are truly psychic, I will NOT go to a psychic or ask anyone I know to be psychic for “advice.”

read post #8

I can understand why God would not want demons to know the future, but I would like to know why the angels would also be forbidden. :confused:

I don’t personally believe in what we call psychic powers. I think it’s simply a higher perception by the person who thinks they are psychic. Don’t believe at all in people who think they can contact the dead. They are profiting on a basic human desire to validate life after death and to comfort themselves about a loss.

But it leads me to a question. Lot of talk about “devils” or “demons”. Can someone point me to Scripture that specifically identifies these as physical entities with direct influence? I’m not as versed in Scripture as I’d like to be. Thanks.

God gives the Church special gifts by the power of the Holy Spirit. Discernment, Prophecy, Knowledge, etc. are supernatural crowns to our natural abilities. We are naturally able to judge good and evil, but with the gift of discernment we can see or understand things beyond the natural means of seeing or understanding. This means the person with the gift of discernment may be able to see or understand specific issues, ideas, beings, information not obvious to the natural mind. Padre Pio, St. John Vianney, St. Teresa of Avila and many great saints had this gift among others. Joseph in the Old Testament could discern dreams. All of these people knew that their gifts came from God. Psychic detectives may indeed have these gifts. I don’t like the term because it gives an occult feeling to the title and divorces God from any connection. Does people’s blood cry out from the ground for justice? Abel’s did. And God heard. Here again, we need to discern the intent and source of anyone who publicly uses their gifts. The devil certainly can hijack God’s people and their gifts for his own hijinks and glorification. Gifts of the Holy Spirit are meant to be used. Be not afraid.

I noticed no one posted a reply about devils and demons to pira 114. Regarding the existence of devils and demons the bible has many, many references to the Devil and to his followers the demons and damned souls. Rev 12:7-8, Luke 10:18, 2 Peter 2:4 It has references to Hell. Matt 14:13, Mal 4:1, Luke 16:24, Rev. 9:2 Hell was originally created for the Devil and his revolting angels. Is 14:15, Prov. 7:27. At least 15 scripture references describe Hell as a dark and fearful place. There are at least 24 that describe it as burning or fire. At least 50 describe its location. It is the place of the wrath of God; 20 references. Jesus went there to preach to the dead after his death. He was there for 3 days. Eph. 4:9, Matt 12:40 The point of all that attention to Hell and the Devil is that there is Good News! “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it so much as dawned on man what God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1 Cor 2:9 St. Peter reminds us “a person who brings a sinner back from his way will save his soul from death (Hell) and cancel a multitude of sins.” The Good News is salvation, hope and love are made available to all through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Devil will work his evil to the end. But he and his followers will find themselves in the place that was prepared for them. Our hope is to not find ourselves there with them. Forever. I want to be with my family and friends. Forever. I want to see Jesus and chat with the great saints. So I work toward that goal and follow Jesus.

When the bible says Jesus descended to hell, does it mean he really went there or to all the souls who were waiting for heaven to open up? Why would He have the need to go to hell and preach there when none of those in hell have any chance of leaving there?

I don’t know, but I remember that part in the Bible when the Apostles met a woman who had a “power” like this, and it turned out that she was possessed. I think unless something is given by the Holy Spirit, it’s best to stay away from it. (even to use it for “good”. Nothing good can come from evil, nor evil can come from good).

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