Psychic Reader’s card fell out of my mother’s bag


I feel like I shouldn’t be writing this because what she does shouldn’t be my business, but I need guidance on what to say.
This is out of love and concern.

Her purse fell over in the car and a Tarot reader’s business card fell out. I went to go throw it out the window as I was disgusted.

My mother stopped me and said something along the lines of “I went and it was fun”.

I didn’t want to say anything because, like her, I have anxiety and obsess over small things such as manually breathing or blinking. Because of this, whenever I talk about sin, my mom assumes it’s my anxiety talking.

How can I talk to her about the dangers of psychics and things of that nature?


If she asks your opinion, give it. If not, simply pray for her.


Lovingly explain to her what the Church teaches on such things, it’s not a small matter to mess with that stuff according to Catholic excorcists.


Why were you going to throw it out the window? That seems an odd manner of disposal.


Just the first thing that came to mind


“Litterbugs for Jesus” :slight_smile:


I would get the classic sarcastic “So what? I’m going to Hell now?”


Children are not in a position to correct their parents. If you’re really concerned, talk with your father. He can speak with your mother as her peer.


If that’s the answer you will get then just leave it in Gods hands, pray for her, and if an opportunity presents itself where she will listen then talk to her.


You’re right to be worried. Explain to her the dangers, and the terrible evil this risks contact with. And that all forms of magic or divination are sinful. Don’t take on too domineering a tone, but make sure to get your point across. If she ignores you, just pray for her and continue to treat her as previously. If not, you will have saved a soul from potentially terrible danger. Good luck and God Bless you and your Mother.


I think you might have more luck talking about this stuff is a scam based on nonsense than talking about how it’s evil. If you start talking about exorcisms she’s going to think you’re just being dramatic. If you roll your eyes and go, “c’mon mom, really? This is what you want to spend your money on?” you might get farther.


Maybe show her, charitably, where it says in the Catechism it is against the 1st commandment.

I agree how dangerous it is to mess with the occult. You’re opening a door to let who knows what in to mess with your immortal soul.


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