Do you believe that people can have psychic powers? My sister (who was always a sceptic) knows someone from her church who seems to possess some sinister abilities. The problem is getting herself taken seriously. Surely the church believes that some people are given extraordinary gifts (even if they may mis-use them). I believe my sister as she is a very down-to-earth, practical person who isn’t given to flights of fancy.

I knew a person who claimed to have psychic powers. I didn’t believe him and allowed him to prove it. The way he “read my mind” makes be believe that these things are possible. He described it as a blury/cloudy picture in his mind accompanied by emotion. He said he couldn’t see the objects I was thinking of clearly, but with the emotions he could then figure out which object I was thinking of.

The real question is where does this “power” come from?

God does endow some of His saints with psychic power such as the late St.Padre Pio who was able to read minds in confession, and even remind people of things they forgot to confess. Bi-location was another and healing was too. Some are gifted with Charisms, such as Prophesy, Discernment of spirits, Tongues and Interpretation of tongues, healing and charismatic faith to name a few. These are gifts to edify, build the Church they don’t sanctify. You can even go to Hell using them, if you don’t practice love of God and neighbor ;according to the words of Jesus. These gifts are the works of the Holy Spirit and if they glorify Jesus they are legitimate and good. The devil seeks to mislead people and destroy the belief in the Good News, that Jesus is God-man and redeemer. He imitates the Holy Spirit, discernment is needed to test the spirits, if evil or good. So through deception he uses people, and makes them think that they have supernatural powers as I have seen displayed in the national media and other places. Ideas like ESP, Astro-projection, Telekeneses, fortune telling, ouija board and seemingly impossible feats to name some. If Satan can get people to believe they have these powers, he can hid his identity and powers. the practice of these things are against the First Commandment, "I am the LOrd thy God, thou shalt not have any false gods before me. I believe they are called the sins against religion. There is much displayed in the media and people are not even aware of it, and neither are those who are affected. We have a very gullible and Godless society, involved in material things, and sensual pleasures that need evangelizing with the Good News, thats where the Charisms of the Holy Spirit come into play to draw people to the truth of our Faith.

Well the morning that my Gran passed away, my Mum woke me up at 7am and told me that her late father had come to her in her sleep and had told her to tell my Gran that she needs to let go, as she was holding on due to the fact that she was scared that my mum wouldn’t cope with her death. So we went to see my Gran and my mum told her that it was okay, that she could let go. A few minutes later she started skipping breaths before eventually taking her last breath.

Also, my mums predicted things that she couldn’t have possibly known what was going to happen, so if I’m honest, I do believe that some people have gifts from personal experience. I also believe that some people claim to have these gifts to exploit others for money.

Right on both counts. Just remember that these happenings are not the substance of our Faith, The Scripture, Apostolic tradition, and Church teaching are our deposit of Faith, All these other things do happen as a result of our Faith and to manifest the reality of our Faith. God bless you.

Padre Pio was not a psychic.

All so-called psychics are fakes.

Padre Pio was not a psychic and never claimed to be, albeit he had supernatural abilities.

All so-called psychics are fakes.

For the sake of clarification The word psychic derives its meaning from the Greek word psychikos, meaning of the soul, spiritual. Padre Pio was all that. The narrow definition psychic usually applies to those commonly known to claim supernatural powers such as fortune telling and the things I mentioned above I believe I am justified in using the word psychic, I thought I gave an explanation in some detail as to the difference so one could understand as to how I applied the meaning psychic. If this causes confusion I will gladly change to spiritual.

Satan or the devil does use his spiritual powers through these so called fakes, And they do manifest paranormal powers, not their"s of course We must distinguish the spirits, and there are the charlatans who pretend . These so called fakes actually believe in what they are doing. So they are not fakes per se

Those who believe they are psychic are deluding themselves and are fakes.
Those who know they are not psychic but put themselves out as psychics are frauds.

Padre Pio was deceived by the devil who posed as his spiritual director and he believed him Is Padre Pio a fake. There are people who are deceived by the devil, who believe in what they are doing and manifest spiritual phenomena through the devil are they fakes even though they are unknowingly deceived. They are deceived but they are not aware of it. I can even imagine their innocence due to ignorance. To me fake implies the intention to deceive, and I don’t think these people actually intend to deceive anyone, but they are deceived. the paranormal phenomena is real, I know this for a fact. that’s why the spirit of discernment is needed to test the spirits. St Ignatius explains some of these tests. Why would he have to do this if these pychics were fake. Explain what you mean by fake I get the impression that you imply that they know they are deceiving, I may be wrong The charlatans are such people, they have the intent to deceive for

Let me repeat this. Padre Pio was not a psychic and never claimed to be. His abilities had nothing to do with being a psychic.

There is no such thing as a genuine psychic. There are those who really think they are but are not which means they are fake as opposed to frauds because they are not out to cheat or deceive. They are simply deluded.

You are correct. Padre Pio was canonized infallibly as a saint- that is to say he is in Heaven. Now if he were a pawn of Lucifer that would certainly not be so.

But to shed some light on the situation it is correct to say that “Genuine psychics do not exist” as it is the Church still holds in the Rituale Romanum that knowledge of occult things (that is to say “hidden things” is a sign of demonic possession as demons do have a limitted ability to predict the future due to their greater intelligence, knowledge base and once having shared the grace of God who Himself knows everything.

Now on the other hand the Church ALSO holds that personal revelation which is a gift of the Holy Spirit has biblical and canonical basis and has been confirmed to exist by several popes. The earliest example I can think of in the New Testament (aside from Jesus Himself) would be John of Patmos who was shown the End Times by an angel and effectively wrote the Book of REVELATION which is of course about the future. But this was hand picked by the Lord Himself to be revealed and this alone. John of Patmos was no Nostradomis who played the King’s weather man (in fact he was exiled for a time tsk tsk)

Now that the two ways the future can be revealed to man have been laid out I would say that Padre Pio was more given the gift of revelation. Sometimes you just gotta trust that guy in the big fancy hat. :wink:

I think both of you are missing the point, and I realize that’s its not going to change anything. For the sake of truth is why I stand on my own, in my own experience and conviction. I would gladly change my opinion, but I see that I can not in good conscience do that. I’m not infallible, and neither are those that oppose I guess I failed at explaining. So I rest my case. Praise the Lord, requiescat in pace

You have not said what your point is.

The reality is that there is no such thing as a genuine psychic.

Agreed, it was said somewhere in Leviticus that we should not practice occult things and specifically mentions divination elsewhere…to make someone a psychic "outsode of personal revelation would be contradictory to God’s own word.

Read all of the posts carefully and don’t jump to conclusions

I have read all of the posts, including yours very carefully. And I have not “jumped to conclusions” these conclusions were reached over 2000 years ago and have been a part of our Canon for a very long time.

Yes God can give the ability to discern spirits- usually a talent reserved for those called to deliverance ministry/exorcism. Yes God has revealed the future to many of His people just as the Blessed Virgin has appeared to those at Fatima. However these things are not gifts of their own spirit that they have control over, but a gift of the Holy spirit that was Gods will. You mentioned various forms of kinesis and other occult related “powers” and no I am NOT saying that these abilities have not been manifested by human beings ever in the history of time.

However those forms of talents are not gifts of the Holy pirit but rather indicative of the demonic if genuinely presented. Scam artists also exist. But I am afraid that Church teaching is pretty firm that we can only be revealed unknown things by revelation of God and “psychic powers” are of the Occult/Lucifer.

Let me put it o you this way. If I personally (this is just my belief) woke up tomorrow and before mass forsaw a woman falling in the front pews and arrived at mass to see that event unfold I would seek confession/spiritual counsel to see if perhaps I am in need of deliverance prayer or should meet with an exorcist. Now it’s quite possible Father may say that such things are not inherently evil as it is known women have excellent intuition and Fathers are able to tell when their children are misbehaving. (Not a church teaching but generally accepted) However as I was taught that those abilities come from an outside spirit I would fear demonic involvement, probably attend daily mass for a while, maybe do the stations of the cross, and attend the sacrament of Reconciliation more often.

No jumping going on. There is no such thing as a genuine psychic. End of story.

I hope you are not speaking for the Church. It’s the essence of wisdom to know that a man can not judge the wisdom of his own judgement. I didn’t know we had inffallible people on the forum. I asked thisle "What did he mean by pyshic, He never answered, To clarify my meaning I even suggested I would use another word spiritual, He never answered. What he did is steer the posts to clarify his preconceive position, He didn’t dialogue, to reach an understanding, I had to communicate to the O.P. in her language, I knew what she meant, but thistle jumps in and starts an arguement It’s like putting thoughts and words into my mouth. He keeps repeating himself ( I said before and I’ll say it again) and (end of story , I have spoken) This kind of attitude dosen’t serve God in my book,. As for the other post, I did,t disagree with his post. I don’t disagree with the Church, I always submitted to the Church, even when I thought I was right. I always will. I humbly submit to the Church and to my God. But I don’t submit to someone just because he thinks he is right.

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