Psycho-Cybernetics / Cybernetic Transposition

Is anyone here familiar with Psycho-Cybernetics (Maxwell Maltz) and/or Cybernetic Transposition (Stuart Lichtman)?

I’ve been struggling professionally and economically for quite some time, and I’m interested in using these techniques to increase my prosperity. If you’re familiar with them, I’d like to hear your thoughts on how they fit into devout Catholic life.

I’ll post a more detailed message later describing them as best I can.


Say what?

Why don’t you go ahead and post your comments about what this is . . . it might help some of us (or all of us)

Hopefully I’m not the only one lost in the dark :slight_smile:

I’m in the dark too.

“Cybernetic transposition is putting yourself consciously in charge by creating effective communication between your conscious and unconscious minds, by consciously transposing successes from any part of your life into other ones where you consciously want to produce success, resolving self-defeating unconscious habit patterns into ones that support you and by creating effective conscious communication with the part of you that knows what’s right for you.” — Stuart Lichtman

That is, putting yourself consciously in charge as opposed to your subconscious self-image being in charge.

I have extensively read a lot of information on Best resource so far on Cybernetic Transposition.

Suggest that you guys check it out.



I own the book Psycho-Cybernetics. I think it’s okay, but not great. I think I might give it another try because I’ve heard many people praise this work.


Psychocybernetics is obsolete now. The link shows detailed information on a different version called Cybernetic Transposition.

I have used both PsychoCybernetics and Cybernetic Transpos… how there is nothing like CT. (

The only problem is that people need to USE it properly and APPLY the techniques. I have seen many people who have the book but dont apply the techniques.

Also the name of the book Fast Money is a blunder as due to the name a lot of people dont buy the book. But the subject is nothing linked to convention money making technniques. It is just describing a new and MIT Proven Goal Setting Process. I have achieved amazing results with it.



If there is something that is Catholic in teachings and still have a link of god, prosperity, success consciousness, then it is Cybernetic Transposition.

The amount of information I found on is so extensive that I could read the book there.

It is a well copyrighted page claiming to cash in on 25000 $ secrets (it seems Stuart Lichtman used to teach this to others at this price). It also claims that this is the only process that gets people results.

As i said, the process is defintaley powerful and this not only teaches us new ways to bring in lots of money quickly but basically can be used to achieve any goal in life.

If you actually want to increase your prosperity (which is always having more than you need), then you need to set a specific objective using Cybernetic Transposition. It wonts happen on its own.


I’m curious as to why you would say Psycho-Cybernetics is obsolete? Maxwell Maltz originated the entire philosophy and his book has helped many people. I am inclined to think that the original would be far better than any later reproductions.


Incidentally, while Psycho-Cybernetics is a mental imagery process to alleviate self esteem, achieve goals etc, Cybernetic Transposition is a complete system that uses Imagery as only one of its component.

The most important components (which Stuart Lichtman claims that he discovered) are harmonizing the various parts of the brain which lift the power of imagery by around 100%. Also the techniques of CT (as in Cybernetic Transposition), are grounded in a mixture of Artificial Intelligence, NLP and Unconscious Modelling of Human Mind.

You can read extensive testimonials here.

I have myself done the Basic Course and then gone for the advanced course

Basically, prosperity is something that is just one goal whereas CT is basically a way of life. Psycho-cybernetics definitaley has brought in a new perspective to the field of coach achievement and Self Achievement, however Cybernetic Transposition is the maximum that this field can reach upto,

If you look at prosperity consciousness, it is basically abundance, always having more than you want. If you always have more than what you want (then you are rich), while if you always have less than what you want (then you are poor, even if you are a billionare). Having said that, I have only found the processes taught by Stuart Lichtman to actually give us the tools to create prosperity due to the manner in which the past memories are transposed to create powerful imageries.

Another thing about CT is that it teaches, what is the most important part of goal setting and then is Blocker Resolution. These blockers come in the way of our goals and whosover can release these blocks first can actually achieve the goals faster. So the author teaches powerful techniques like Base Reframing etc for the same.

Also there are bonuses like How to be Lucky , and I can tell you those bonuses (specifically the Luck Factor) can only be applied, if you know the basic transposition process well.

I give due respect to Maxwell Martz, I think if he was still alive, he would have updated his discoveries with the new discoveris in science. However, due to much hyped processes, without any development, I had to conclude that Psychocybernetics is obsolete

Here are the basics of Cybernetic T

And here is a free audio. Do take a look at this. It is really good

Looking forward for your comments.



Oh yes I forgot

Here is a Bio on the author



I would try placing yourself firmly in God’s hands if you want “prosperity.” Follow his will and you’ll be on the right path.


I am sorry that you and your family are going through hard times.

It is honorable that you are doing what you can to fulfill the Station of Life God has given you.

The danger I see in Psycho-Cybernetics and much of the “Human Potential Movement” is in what do they really seek to achieve.

What is it the Psycho-Cybernetics promises?

From what I understand the premise is that through visualizations, goal setting and affirmations you can achieve great things such as riches, fame and power.

That through their methods you can eliminate fear, anxiety and suffering.

So was Job’s suffering the result of bad self-imaging?

And if Lazarus had practiced Psycho-Cybernetics would he have been a rich man wearing silk instead of a beggar who’s sores dogs licked?

Of course would Lazarus still have had angels carry him to Abraham’s bosom?

How would Psycho-Cybernetics respond to Christ saying,

"If any man will follow me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel, shall save it.

For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?"

Cardinal Ratzinger, wrote in his book, “Truth and Tolerance”, that the goal of Catholic practice and meditation is to be WITH God, but the goal of eastern practice and meditation is to be LIKE God.

I fear that what Psycho-Cybernetics is really is saying is that if you practice what they tell you, you will attain riches and fame, that you will no longer have fear or suffer.

That you will be LIKE God.

why waste time cultivating prosperity and accumulating what moths destroy and what rusts away or is taken by thieves (or white collar criminals)? why not cultivate trust in God, cultivate a spirituality of stewardship with regard to material possessions, and spend this energy and time in growing closer to Him buy cultivating His will?

It sounds like witchcraft to me. I would stick to the Church’s wisdom.

Very good post and saying many of the things I felt important to say.:thumbsup:

IMHO we need to be learning to totally abandon ourselves to His Will (and learn to know what that is for us).

This sounds very similar to me to the teachings of the Church of Scientology. I’d be careful with anything that puts me in charge or in control of my own mind. I’d rather God took over that part of me (well, heck, ALL of me!).


There is a free tool by Stuart Lichtman called Dialoguing which allows you to connect to God through your unconscious and get answers regarding your Life Purpose and other things. This is really powerful and although a little difficult to learn, once learned and practiced has helped me in seeking God in my own way.’s-Cybernetic-Transposition-Dialoguing-Process.html

I put this up as Stu and his team wanted to make this available for all and I was not sure if every child of god had access to this. I used it with a combination of tricks and it was amazing. The colour technique is close to Focussing by Eugene but still a much better tool.

Also do read the free except of the book which is also provided on this page.

Please let me know any feedback as I would like to discuss this with like minded people.



I would like to open a discussion on the differences between Psycho Cybernetics and Cybernetic Transposition. I have read and practised both and would like others comments on this. This will surely be an interesting discussion to follow.

I promise to throw in all I have on both the subjects and this will be the comprehensive discussion on the web regarding the two subjects.

I don’t have an opinion but those is some mighty big words!

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