Psychologists repudiate gay-to-straight therapy

“Orientation” is not a scientific term, let us remember. It is a nice way of saying that a person is sexually attracted to persons of one’s one gender. Given the number of bisexual persons, that doesn’t tell us much. At the crudest level the practice is no more than mutual masturbation, that they may come about accidentally, say, sailors crowded together aboard a ship or young boys crowned together in a boarding school with no possibility of female companionship. Further, note that sodomy according to the law includes bestiality. People needing sexual release do many strange things.

Mainstream psychiatry has been rather liberal for at least the past 30 years. In fact, it was December 15, 1973 that the American Psychiatric Association decided that homosexuality was not officially a mental disorder. I disagree but what can you do? Virtually all, if not all, secular psychiatrists and psychologists follow the APA. If only the APA would wake up to the Truth it probably would have solved a few problems such as keeping sodomy illegal and providing more research and therapy for homosexuals who do, in my opinion, suffer from a mental disorder. That said, I love my homosexual brothers and sisters in humanity. I cannot, however, love the sins that many of them commit. I must admonish the sinner while still not judging the state of their salvation. Surely active homosexuals cannot truly be happy and truly have inner peace unless it is a false inner happiness and inner peace.

Keep in mind that I am a homosexual so I have personal experience in the matter. The vast majority of the scientific evidence shows that there is a genetic component to homosexuality. We are all born with sexual preferences and we may not understand what those feelings, emotions, and desires are until we are educated on what sexuality is but ultimately, sexuality is both psychological and biological in nature. It is the feelings, desires, and emotions we feel which define our sexuality. In other words, it is a state of being not a behavior. Further, there is 0 scientific evidence that so-called “conversion therapy” changes a persons sexuality.

Is homosexuality a disorder? I don’t think so but there is no objective definition of disorder as it is generally used to describe anything and everything that isn’t considered “normal” by a given society at a given point in time. It is, and always will be, an ambiguous term.

I agree with your post. However, I do believe that homosexuality is a disorder. It is a mental disorder. I sometimes lean towards bisexuality though I am celibate, single, and chaste. Most of the time I am not attracted to the same sex but it does occasionally happen. :blush::frowning: Believe me when I say that I am not proud of this. I did not choose to be attracted to the same sex but I am attracted to the same sex from time to time. On the Kinsey scale, I would consider myself to be a 1.

Here is an image of the Kinsey Scale:

Anyway, I do believe homosexuality to be a mental disorder. That’s ok though as long as one keeps this disorder under control through therapy, prayer, or other methods. Also, having a mental disorder is nothing to be ashamed of. One cannot choose to have a mental disorder just as one cannot choose to be a homosexual. However, one can choose to engage in homosexual behavior.

Could you cite some scientific evidence that shows homosexuality has a genetic component?

The Catholic Medical Association states that homosexuals are not born that way.


I continue to be amazed at the power to determine if someone else is happy.

I think you are overstating the case. Are you aware of any real scientific work that demonstrates a gene is at work? That’s worth a Nobel. There is lots of speculation, but that’s all it is. We have to be content with ignorance for the moment.

I’d be interested to get your thoughts about the following. No need to reply if you don’t want to.


Keep in mind that homosexuality does not have to be genetic for it to still be involuntary. As didymus pointed out, it could result from some influence in utero.

There are numerous studies which can be cited but I’d start with these two; Bocklandt, Horvath, Vilain and Hamer (2006) and Hershberger (2001).

I don’t read links unless the poster provides some context for them in his comments. If the comment inteersts me, I may look at the link.

I purport to no expertise in psychology, but I do know two things:

  1. I have known a fair number of homosexuals, both male and female, and if their lives are to be considered “normal”, then there isn’t much under the sun that isn’t “normal”.

  2. A psychologist with whom I once worked; a brilliant man who founded a doctorate-level psych school, and a Catholic, once told me that any psychologist who says homosexuality is a psychological illness can count on being landed on by his peers and certifying authorities. I was once told the same thing by a Catholic psychiatrist. Both of them, however, believed it to be a psychological illness. But they dared not say it in any kind of public forum.

I think I’ve heard a similar argument before. “It depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.”

Or was it, “I refuse to accept your view of reality and choose to insert my own.”

Is my craving for sweets a disorder? It doesn’t bother anyone but me, well, eyes are offended by the repercussions. I could embrace my disorder, deny it, justify it. I still have it, and it still creates a problem for me. Some researchers are saying that yeast and other parasites create opiates from my sweets and it addicts me to more sweets. Other doctors ridicule the researchers and deny there is such a condition as candida.

I believe there is such a thing as truth. Even if I sometimes don’t like it.

Except there’s nothing ambiguous about the word “is”.

For the record, I used to be rather militantly lesbian. I decided at an early age, from seeing the promiscuity and misery of the homosexuals around me, that if I really wanted true happiness I needed to change my lifestyle. So I decided to go straight, with God’s help. Within a few months I met a man who accepted me as I am, problems and all, and we have had a wonderful 24-year marriage with four beautiful, healthy children. I’m not saying that temptations haven’t come, but thank God for the strength to overcome temptation by prayer and other forms of devotion. Going straight was the best decision I ever made, although very difficult.
I believe that there is some genetic component, sure, but I still think it is best to overcome homosexuality.

I would disagree with the label of “mental” disorder. For the most part, the “mental” aspect of a same-sex attracted person works the same. I see it as more of an emotional issue where the ability to relate correctly to members of the same sex has taken place. As one so afflicted, I have recently become friends with a straight man who has really helped me to flesh out (no pun intended) the issues underlying my own SSA. I’ve discovered, for myself, that it’s not really that deeply rooted and I mostly need the emotional support of a straight man to help me get through the issues I have. I’ve actually started noticing women. No therapy involved.

YMMV, of course.

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