According to Catholic Live Radio it’s allright for catholics to practice modern secular psychology. is it also alright for catholics to practice hindu psychology (as long as it’s only ayurveda and such stuff)?

You end this remark with a question mark…But I don’t understand what your question is…

Could you clarify your concern - if any?


How does hindu psychology relate to modern psychology? Are they different?

Nevertheless, I’m also missing part of your thinking. I’m sorry what is “Ayurveda”?

I have heard of yoga psychology and I have heard of ayurveda but I have not heard of ayurveda psychology though I can see how ther emight be one based on the doshas.

Psychology, though, is all about theories of mind & therapy and there are many of them. It is interesteing how even the atheistic Freudian approach or model can still have value for a christian. I suspect that is true wth most theaories and approaches inluding Jung and maybe to a lesser degree ayurveda. I say lesser degree only because I do not think there is much published research on ayerveda.

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