I have psychosis. I like Mary Magdelene because I heard on the news that she was schizophrenic, a more severe form of psychosis. Sometimes I am so confused by my hallucinations that I almost commit suicide. I have a psychotic episode every night. What do Jesus and Mary think of psychosis? I am very sad right now and I want to hear their opinion. aww, man this stinks.

Do not be worried about the love and protection and mercy and fogiveness of God and the saints. Know that it is always there for you all of the time. Jesus loves everyone regardless of their mindset and he will take care of you. Jesus died for you to free you. And He will. And of course, Mary’s love is there as well, always interceding for you before God the Father. But what sort of help are you getting for your hallucinations? How can people on this forum help you? Do you have a priest that you can talk to or a Church that you go to regularly?

djamu–Mary and Jesus want you to be as healthy and holy as you can be. Suicide is not an option. Prayer and medical treatment are the best options. I hope you are getting the best medical care that you can, that you are taking the medicines prescribed for you and that you are getting the necessary psychological treatment, and also important that you are praying and involved in a Catholic parish. Do not give in to despair. Many people with psychoses live productive, happy, and holy lives and you can too. I will pray for you.

Please get medical help if you haven’t already; and if you have, you need to let your doctor know of the difficulty you are still having.
Remember that God gives physicians their gifts so it is absolutely OK and necessary to use them. There are medications that should give you relief from these symptoms. A counselor is also a good idea. There are christian counselors, and your church may even have one, or you might want to talk with your priest. If not, even a good secular counselor can be very helpful with these situations.
Continue to pray, and God will help you. But be open to the fact that he also works through other people, and allow them to help you as well!

Actually, I suffered from psychosis and have found that weekly confession, daily communion, and daily recitation of the rosary REALLY helps. Like gets rid of it completely… Just a thought.

St. Dympha is the patron saint for those suffering any mental disease. Pray for her intercession as you face each new challenge and day.

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