Publication following novena to St Dwynwen as promised

I promised to post my experience following the novena I recently prayed. I prayed the novena to St. Dwynwen along with novena’s to St. Jude, St. Joan of Arc, and the blessed mother. My girlfriend and I split apart due to complicated life circumstances that would prevent us from fulfilling our relationship or ever pursuing marriage. There were no hard feelings or arguments that caused it. I prayed these novena’s for a miracle, that either we each find quick total healing or that somehow the barriers keeping us apart can be knocked down. It was impossible for us to ever overcome our life circumstances and be together again but miraculously after praying the novena’s, all the issues keeping us apart disappeared. It was unbelievable. And an added miracles was the deep rediscovery of my relationship with Christ through the 9 days of intense prayer.

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Beautiful, may you be blessed. 'What can you tell us about St Dwynwen?

She is the patron of the broken hearted and love lost

Heres a link to her prayer:

Very nice, thank you.

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