Published anti-Catholicism from a Mormon in place of business!

My children have been participating in some plays at a childrens’ theater for the last year. The owner is a bit batty, though extremely talented,

I speculate that a good majority of the children that particpate in the play are Catholic since it is a predominantly hispanic area and Catholicism is the predominant religion in this area.

The owner is Mormon. I have more than enough experience with Mormons since my husband was an ex-Mormon Catholic convert. In general all my posts are here in the the non-Catholic forum about Mormonism anyhow.

Anyhow, it was incidental to me that she happened to be Mormon. So what? I expected the pro-Mormon slant in the rambling, bizarre, newsletters she put out every month, she wrote and directed some plays about Mormonism (the kids didn’t do these), etc.

So last night was the last performance of the kids’ current play. We’d gotten there early and she came up and handed everyone sitting in the audience a copy of her latest newsletter and said it was “Hot off the press”.

I always found her “editorial” ramblings and opinions so weird and amusing, that I started reading right away while waiting for the play to start.

I came across the usual pro-Mormon ramblings. This time she “reviewed” the so-called anti-Mormon movie “September Dawn” (without seeing the movie obviously :rolleyes: ) I just chuckled to myself until I came to the next section and the pit of my stomach fell to the floor and I could not believe my eyes.

"The Catholic Church says we must have a priest talk to God for us. Or get some saint to intercede for us.

Baloney! God is the father of our spirits, &, as with all proper fathers, we can talk to him.

Speaking of the Catholic Church, perhaps we can thank it for keeping Christianity alive in the Dark Ages, albeit in a twisted & corrupted manner.

Remember the Emperor Constantine started the Catholic Church to make his subjects more manageable.

After the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ, the apostles, & others, went thru the Mediterrean area preaching Christianity. But by the time a couple of hundred years had passed it was totally corrupted, taking on the trappings of idol worship.

There were three basics of idol worship: use of alcohol & drugs, animal sacrifice, which always metamorphosed into human sacrifice, & temple prostitiution…"

:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

The play was just starting, but I promptly got up, yanked off my kids’ costumes and threw them to the floor, and pulled them out the door and left.

My oldest was a main character.

It made quite the scene, but I wonder if I shouldn’t have done more? I feel today I should have stood up and interrupted the entire play and asked for a show of hands who was Catholic and draw their attention to what was written in this newsletter? I should have called her out on the carpet.

She ended up chasing me out the door, but I was already in my car. She stopped the whole play and called my husband who was home with the other kids.

She had no clue what prompted me to do what I did. So my husband called me on my cell very worried until I READ to him what was printed in this newsletter that she handed to me and everyone else sitting in the audience. He was LIVID.

He called back and talked to the stage manager since the owner was continuing on with the play apparently. The stage manager was shocked and said he hadn’t read that. He apologized,but he wasn’t the one who wrote it.

The owner did call back and my husband let her have it. He gave her an education and she did concede that she was ignorant about what she said about Catholicism and what she published was wrong and she did apologize.

She can prostyletize all she wants, or feel she can in a place of business, but once she starts publishing her anti-Catholic sentiments in a place of business where many Catholics are present–she better be ready for the fall-out and consequences of that.

We’re never going back. I feel bad for my kids that loved doing those plays. I explained to them why it was unacceptable for us to continue to associate with such a person and/or business.

Any comments?

Sorry to hear about that.

Mormon or not, I would say she was not prudent in this case.

Maybe you could get Pillar of Fire and truth tracts to stick under her customer’s windshield wipers each time she runs an event.

Or maybe you could call her up and invite her out for coffee and tell her that you would love to clear up all the misconceptions she has about the Catholic faith if she ever would like to do that.

Well, maybe not coffee since God told the Mormons “hot drinks are not for the body or belly”

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

My husband teaches RCIA and attempted to “clear up the misconceptions”. She did acknowledge to him that she was indeed ignorant. He invited her to his RCIA class.

Well done, good and faithful servant! Good for your husband, too!
God love you,

Good for you! I cannot believe she did such a thing… wow.

:tiphat: :bowdown: :extrahappy:

WOW!! Good for you! I consider myself somewhat gutsy, but I would have been too nervous to pull them before the show. My hat is off to you. :tiphat: Well done!

:tiphat:Good for you! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

It is good that she apologized to you personally, but does she intend to make her apology proportionate to her offense? That is, does she intend to publish a written retraction and apology and distribute that to everyone who received the offending publication?

Yes, I’d demand a written retraction.

And, I’d call up the other Catholic parents and ask them to join in the boycott if she doesn’t publically apologize, maybe even if she does apologize.

It might be better if your family just ceases participating with this group, it’s not like she’s going to stop her bizarre newsletter ranting and it could happen again.

I too think her actions were reprehensible; and I think they’d be inappropriate even in a Mormon Church. There’s no reason to publicly offend people by such a brazen and ignorant attack on anyone’s religion. LDS scriptures says not to contend against any specific church (D&C 18:20). Perhaps she isn’t very conversant with appropriate avenues of witnessing to others?


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Perhaps you should have read further in D&C 18:20

20 Contend against no church, **save it be the church of the devil. **

So apparently she was perfectly in line.:eek:

I was actually going to find out who her bishop was and offer to send him a copy. I’m sure they would frown on this.

You should challenge her to a public debate on what catholics believe concerning… history of the church … etc.,

At the very least, contact your local newspaper religion editor, and maybe put together a story for the local paper.

I think your priest, should say something about it on sunday, so that other catholic parents remove their children from her influnce.

My comments?
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Good for you!

I think I would also write a very succinct letter to her and demand a written apology.

I can only pray that I have my wits enough about me on the day that that kind of challenge comes my way!

If this is all it takes to get you so boiling; you are likely in more turmoil than you need to be. I think you should have stayed; and let the kids enjoy doing the plays; and perhaps even print your own little flyer to address those half-witted coments she made. Now you have lost the opportunity to respond to and counteract those lies. I certainly do agree that this Mormon lady was way out of line, and acted extremely rude in her “editorial.”

You have just taught your kids that intolerance is good for fighting intolerance…It’s kind of like the sticker that was so popular when I was a kid: STOMP OUT VIOLENCE!!! We used to plaster it on our binders in school. But; I don’t think you are in high school anymore either, you need to role model better for your kids. They need to learn better ways of responding to nasty things said to them or about them.

Lehl, Protestant101 apparently belongs to the Church of Can’t We All Just Get Along. You did the right thing. God bless you. How wonderful that you saw and responded to someone who was lying and mocking your God. I congratulate you as a good and faithful servant.

OP, You did exactly what you should’ve done and exactly what I would’ve done. I am happy to hear that she realized her ignorance but she should get her facts straight before she puts her opinions in her little newsletter.

If this is ALL it takes? Did you read what was written in the newsletter? She took a direct stab at Christianity. What would you consider sufficient reason for her to remove herself and her children?

You know! How funny is that? Its just so absurd I forget about that sometimes… Geeze. I have even brought that up here in the past (the coffee thing) I am so glad you and your husband are handling this with class.

Parents, Parents, Parents!!!

Do not under any circumstance allow your children to be around any mormons during their formative years. This is spiritual suicide. Are you crazy or what?

Remember the bigger the lie the more people will believe it.

Wonderful! Now can we please get the antimormon catholics on this thread and section of the board to apologize for what they said about mormons during the last year? :slight_smile:

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