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Does anyone here have experience with book publishing?
I’m intending to publish a book, but I’m not sure how to do it, so help & guidance will be appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Well, it depends on how you want your book published.

POD (Print On Demand) publishers like iUniverse, Xlibris, and others usually charge a one-time set-up fee to get your book printed, then it’s basically up to you to get your book out there to the buying public. No one edits you, unless you’re willing to pay extra for a “book doctor” to look over the manuscript and make suggestions. The book is essentially printed the way you sent it in. The price for a POD book is generally higher than that of a traditionally published book (and they’re mostly high-quality paperback, not hard cover) and you make a percentage from every book sold. Your book never goes “out of print” because each copy is printed as it’s sold (unless you opt for a deal where you can buy a certain number of copies for a discounted price, but then you have to sell them yourself in order to recoup your money.) Most POD publishers now make the books available through, Barnes & Noble, etc. but they’re not treated the same as traditionally published books (little fanfare, just a listing in the catalog for the most part.)

Traditional publishing is a long, hard road. First off, depending on who you speak to, you either can’t get published without an agent… or you can’t get an agent without first being published. From what I’ve seen, yes, you can and yes, you can. Secondly, you’re competing with hundreds of other writers trying to get the same agent/editor’s attention, so you have to make sure your work is outstanding when it leaves your desk. Most agents/editors only read the first 10 pages or chapter before deciding whether to give a book a more serious read. Third, do your homework. Literary Market Place (available at your library) and the annual Writer’s Market (also available on-line) list agents and book publishers and WHAT KIND OF BOOKS they’re looking for.

If and when you do get an agent/editor’s attention, the work is just starting. You may be required to do a great deal of editing (and if your agent or editor works with people like John Grisham or Amy Tan, for heaven’s sake, LISTEN TO THEM!!!)

Overall, the difference in the time between submitting your book and having it published can be 1-2 months with POD publishing, or 6 to 18 months (if accepted) with traditional publishing.

Of course, a lot depends on the genre of your book. Non-fiction is generally easier to sell to a traditional publisher (as long as you do your homework and are the first on your block with something new and fresh). But if you’re looking to sell an overtly Catholic book (especially fiction)… well, POD might be your best bet. There is a list of Catholic book publishers that you might want to peruse ( but most only put out one or two new books a year.

This is what I have in a nutshell. I hope it helps. The main thing is, don’t give up and keep writing EVERY DAY. Good luck to you! :thumbsup:

Thanks for all the replies. :slight_smile:

It’s funny that I asked it on Feb 19. On Feb 21, I got a job (yes, after waiting for 6 months!) in a printing company, they pretty much print everything; from coffee table book to photography, calendar, well everything and well established company… :smiley:

Though the pay is quite low, but I’m more than willing to learn more about printing industry. If you could, please pray that my working permit could be processed and approved. I’m very anxious.

I used :o

Congratulations! I just published in Oct of 07 and am enjoying it so much - be ready for lots of marketing work! I get a lot of help and answers to my questions at Be sure you shop around for a publisher - don’t spend an arm and a leg…check out my publisher…they are pretty reasonable, but shop around and see what fits you best. Enjoy!

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