Puhhhleeesssse pray

please pray for me that i’ll have the courage to go to confession AND to make a good one. it’s more of an issue with me than it should be. i’ve mortally sinned multiple times in at least a few different ways but my pride has gone to ridiculous levels and i just can’t bring myself to go. i’ve tried everything including standing in line. somehow i never made it in. actually going is half the battle, and spilling my guts while i’m in there is the other half. i need something outside of myself at this point. well at least i’ve learned something valuable. i can pretty safely say that i’ll never put myself through this again! and i definitely have a new appreciation for the eucharist and the mass in general. not to mention forgiveness. it seems that the only thing i have more of than pride is regret and hope. but the courage is lacking :blush:

i don’t mean to ramble. please pray for me!

THANKS in advance!!!

Praying for you. I’m also uncomfortable going to confession, but I do it and I always feel BETTER after I’ve done it.


I’m praying for you. After all, confession is not an easy thing to do especially if we commit mortal sins. But I agree with ** 244Rocket ** that you’ll feel better after that.

I’ll also pray that you’ll get the right confessor. :slight_smile:

Father, forgive me a sinner…

Don’t put yourself through the agony I can tell you’re feeling. Just go…so you can feel better. That’s what HE wants for you.


Awww, it is okay, remember you are not alone, Jesus is by your side. May you have strength when you look at the cross of Jesus, and meditate on how He has suffered and died the most horrific death for our sins. Go with sorrow in your heart, and never to sin again.

Going to confession is very comforting, knowing that God loves you and forgives you.

I will pray for you.

Do not feel discouraged . Pray to our Father for the strength and conviction to enter into the confessional and ask for forgiveness of your sins . The Lord will lead you . Lord let it be so ! thank you lord , in the name of Jesus , amen . / John

I’m praying for you now!! Don’t let pride keep you out of the house of God!!

Praying for you. :crossrc:

Praying for you!:gopray2: God is waiting for you with open arms he loves nothing more than to forgive us for Our sins!

please pray for me that i’ll have the courage to go to confession AND to make a good one. it’s more of an issue with me than it should be. but the courage is lacking


i have been where you are. i just went this past Saturday, i have not been in more years than i would like to admit. i know what you are going through. i fretted all day, i planed it and practiced what i would say. i would have to say, that the Holy Spirit helped me to grab that door knob and enter.
May i say, plan to go, do as you did before, wait there. He will give you the courage to go. You want to go, as i did. i understand…i do. Go, sit, be still with God. You will go, you will know when. It is OK, God loves you Dear One. See Him, know Him, love Him…He is there waiting for you ask Him. He loves you! He loves you! If you need me, please PM me, i am here for you.

i am praying for you Dear One.

Chyna :signofcross:

Praying for you. :signofcross:

Praying for you.Just think of the Lord just loving you and wanting to bring peace back to your soul.

Dear Lord, please give chsngtailodogma the courage to go to confession, and receive the abundant graces that You have available there. In Jesus name we pray.

Praying for you.

I just heard someone (I forget who it was!) on Catholic radio the other day saying that the devil likes to take away our shame when we are about to commit a sin, but likes to give it back when we are about to confess it. Don’t fall for his evil strategy! Make a courageous confession, and send the devil packing.

Praying for you…

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