Pullman Quote: 'I am with Satan, certainly not with God'

With all the quotes of Pullman floating around about how he is trying to kill God etc, one quote that I am surprised to see not widely circulated is this: ‘I am with Satan, certainly not with God,’

This quote, mentioned in this article, just reaffirms to me my suspicion that this man is more than just an atheist.

This man seriously needs our prayers.

Well, if he does not change his ways, he will probably get his wish. :frowning:

Seriously, this is a prime example of rejection of God taken to the extreme.

I certainly am not defending what he said, but we only have one sentence, taken out of context, from an interview which happened long ago. I would hesitate to attach too much meaning to it.

It shouldn’t matter when the interview took place as long as those views reflect his attitude at the time when he wrote the books. Also, I find it hard to think of any example where this statement can be put into context in which it would be ok?: The only thing I could think of is: “It is not like ‘I am with Satan, certainly not with God’ being the creator of the universe”

Can you give me an example of a context where the statement wouldn’t be so bad?

Sure, let us say he is asked a question and responds with something such as: “In Christian mythology Satan is the rebel, he wants to overturn God’s authority. God’s authority is simply the costume worn by organized religion so people obey will the church. I’m with Satan, certainly not with God.”

Guys, did any of you read Catholic Digest? They have an article there reg. the Golden Compass. I wasn’t pleased at all with it. They didn’t say that you should avoid the film and the book. They recommended parents to talk with their children before reading or watching. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
How wrong is that!

Well if children are older it is fine, plus they are going to have to face some people in the world who have the same views that the book promotes. My only problem is that the books are for preteens.

Catholic League already encouraged a boycott. Can’t they go along with that? of course CL is not dogma, but what they’re doing is certainly right IMO. don’t think Cath. Digest is setting a good example by not discouraging the boycott of the film and book. It’s like giving bad material to kids. Who cares if other people have the same views?

THAT was as OUTSTANDING article! Probably the best critique I’ve read so far.

Thanks for finding/sharing that with us stove

He seems to have a hodge podge of atheist, agnostic and pagan existential tendencies. A veritable over-flowing comode of superfluos understanding.

Poor soul. Needs a lot of prayer. Definitely one movie I will not see nor allow in my house to be seen.

Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum.

Yes, indeed. Mix it all together and you can call it by one name - moral relativism.

Actually, if you’re up on your Milton (Paradise Lost), you’ll recognize this from Satan:

“Better to reign in hell than to serve in Heaven.”

THAT is what I infer from Mr. Pullman. Not from one brief quote alone, not from his interviews alone, nor his books alone. . .but from everything put together.

Where he (and anyone who chooses) decide to go ‘with Satan’ it is always because they THINK that ‘they’ will reign, and not ‘serve’.

It is the lack of obedience, the fatal elevation of false pride and the denial of humility that most often d-mns a soul; it is not God’s ‘anger’ or His ‘judgment against’. Rather it is God’s assent to the beings to whom He gave free will–for good OR evil–

“Our” will be done.
Doing the will of God --we ‘choose’ heaven.
Doing the will of another --ourselves, Satan, even the ‘god’ we have erected in PLACE of the true God–we choose–knowingly, freely–the absence of God --which is hell.

One wonders if Mr. Pullman is a conscious or unconscious adherent of dualism, and thinks that the ‘force of darkness’ is equal to (or greater than) the force of good, and therefore has chosen to cast his lot with ‘the winner’.

Yes, you’re right:) I like to open the neat package of “moral relativism” so that people don’t forget what kind of gut-rot is in there.:smiley:

Quite accurate. I’m currently reading Paradise Lost and I’m enjoying it so much, I’m dreading the end.

Anyway, Pullman’s erroneous assumption that God has an opposite seems to be one of the many “wrong turns” in a life of wrong turns.

My job is to pray for him and others like him.:shrug:

Yep, I agree. Thanks for bringing the soul-rot to the surface. I often find myself having to define things to those with whom I’m speaking. Otherwise, it might sound too slick and nice… like “Pro-Choice” / “Choice-Advocates”… After all, “choosing” is a “good” thing, right? :wink:

Your very welcome.

God Bless and Merry Christmas
In Jesus through Mary

More about Pullman:


Includes the quote: “My books are about killing God.” which you can read in context.

God bless,

This quote confuses me. Why would anyone want to align themselves with a evil being? :confused:

Sometimes Pullman doesn’t sound so much like an atheist but simply anti-Christianity to an extreme.

It sounds like he is saying, “Anything against Christianity, even those beliefs that are religious in nature, I will embrace just to go against Christianity.” Most people outgrow this type of thinking regardless of thier particular belief system.

I’m not Buddhist, but I can still see some beauty and truth in their religious belief system. Admitting that doesn’t make me any less Christian. If I lived in a Buddhist country I would not align myself with whatever the people there considered evil just to oppose Buddhism. That would be silly, irrational and an example of immature thinking on my part.

Come on, Pullman has to be smarter then this, doesn’t he?

Actually I think they gave good advice. Now I have to say that I do NOT think Pullman’s three books should be for children. I have read all three. I first read them years ago, and at that time I didn’t have a clue that they were supposed to be childrens’ books. Now I know better from all the hype.

I have recently finished re-reading all three books. Again…I do NOT think they are children’s books. Unfortunately, what I think doesn’t matter in the world of publishing and making money. So while these books contain things that are definitely anti-God, anti-organized religion, and yes, anti-Catholic, I think we’re losing sight that they also contain other things most parents wouldn’t want their children to be reading.

Betrayal by parents (yes, at the end they ‘sort of redeem themselves’ in a warped way), murder, kidnapping, mutilation, hopelessness and several scenes that are quite sensual. I did say ‘sensual’ and not ‘sexual’ only because the act itself is not brought into the open. But the scene between the monkey and the snake that results in a man’s murder is disgusting! (this is not in the first book)

And it’s not just in an alternate universe/world. In the 2nd book, a boy, Will comes into the story as a main character and he is from OUR world. So is the ex-nun from our world.

So…while I do agree these are not for children, unfortunately because of the movie and the advertising of the books tie-in, there will be children who are bent on reading these books. You may say, “not my children”, and who knows? Maybe you are right. But maybe if you say that, you are being naive. If a child wants to do something badly enough, they can find a way to do it and hide it from “mommy and daddy”. Think back to your own childhood. Unless you were an angel, wasn’t there something you hid from your parents? Maybe nothing truly bad, but then a child who wants to read this probably doesn’t think they are bad.

Ok…all this to say, yes…if a child is set on reading the books, then the parents truly should feel the moral responsibility to read the books WITH the child. To explain what is wrong and right. That is what a parent’s job is all about. Not being a ‘nazi’, as some people on other threads have said, but being there to guide their children.

To tell the truth, I know a couple adults who are not strong in their faith that I would not even mention these books to. They both believed the DaVinci code could be true. :shrug:

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