Pullman's Gospel Novel: Heresy or Satire?

“This is the story of Jesus and his brother Christ,
of how they were born,
of how they lived
and of how one of them died.”

The first hint of what’s to come in Philip Pullman’s new book – “The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ” – is plainly stated on the book jacket: “This is a story.”

Perhaps it’s a disclaimer to warn the easily offended Christian community that views Pullman as a modern-day heretic. Perhaps it’s the author’s way of suggesting that while second-rank stories of Jesus have existed since the church’s earliest days, most of them are considered little more than mythic stories.

Perhaps Pullman is offering a backhanded slur about the untouchable four gospels, suggesting through fictional inference that they too are myths as the lines separating historical fact from enhanced truth are murky.

Who can say what Pullman means, but the possibilities are unnerving to most Christians unaccustomed to critical conversations about the Bible.

In the book, Mary gives birth to twin boys: Jesus, the firstborn who’s strong and healthy, and Christ, a nickname given to the child by Mary as the second-born boy, who’s small and sickly. Mary wraps Jesus in a cloth and lays him in a manger while picking up Christ and suckling him out of pity for his weaker condition.

I guess that hateful little man is trying to suggest that Our Lord had some sort of pathological condition. This is ironic, as I’ve found that a disproportionate number of anti-Christians have come from, let us say, ‘difficult’ or ‘interesting’ backgrounds.

Not heresy cause he’s no Christian after all. More like satirical blasphemy.

Satirical inspired blasphemy_ More like satanic

I havent read any of Pullmans books or watched any of the film adaptations, however he seems more anti-theist than atheist. Theres something very unsavoury about it all. Reminds me about reading about the young Aleistair “the beast” Crowley, another false and dangerous prophet.

But Jesus teaches:
“You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they?”

Pullman is leading people into becoming self-centred nihilists. 100 years ago the anti-christian movement took up two monstrous forms: the atheistic communist form and the neo-paganistic Nazi form. Lord knows where this wicked piper will lead his children.

Pullman is not alone in being anti-theist. There is also Hitchens and Dawkins (perhaps he’s got the biggest influence today on atheists) and many others. Atheism is in fact satanism. I bet you agree with this as you already cited Crowley. If I may add, Lavey as well.

The biggest problem with Pullman is that he targeted children as his audience in his anti-Narnia anti-Christian anti-God fantasy books. And there he was bashing CS Lewis for “forcefully indoctrinating” young minds with his Christian-based stories. Pathetic.

He’s a no-talent who runs towards controversy in order to sell books. I won’t give him the time of day.

The premise of the book reminds me of the movie “The Prestige” (twin characters)

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