I tend to think of repeated venial sin like this, say some one punches some one now the first couple of punches may do little damage as the person keeps punching the punches become more and more serious and can eventually lead to death as in grave sin.

Good line of thought.

Venial sin does not become mortal sin, however, carelessness with venial sins can certainly weaken the conscience until mortal sin surfaces.


As long as you do not believe venial sin can become mortal sin.

If you were to punch someone repeatedly and cause grave harm, then that would be a mortal sin. You didn’t commit a train of venial sins for each punch that only caused a little harm that all added up to cause grave injury, it was just a single mortal sin. If you punch someone repeatedly and cause trivial harm, then that would be a single venial sin.

If someone was attacking my friends or family, I would punch them as hard as I could, repeatedly.

It would not be a mortal sin if you were doing that to defend yourself or your family or indeed anyone being attacked.

[quote=Confiteor Deo]If you were to punch someone repeatedly and cause grave harm, then that would be a mortal sin

It wouldn’t be a grave sin if you were a boxer, MMA fighter or martial artist.

As an aside, I believe boxing, MMA and martial arts can lead to the acquisition of manly virtues. It is also worth noting that a majority of boxing champions were Catholic. I have a great photograph of the Heavyweight Champion of the World, Rocky Marciano, on his knees at Mass. I wish Catholic parishes would revive the boxing programs and sports teams they once had; this would help fix the contemporary Catholic ‘man crisis.’

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