Punished after reporting rape at Brigham Young University




watch the documentary The Hunting Ground. an eye opener.


The first woman should not have dropped her legal charges against the attacker, that’s how the rule of law works. The univ had no choice regarding her intentional usage of drugs, they take a hard line with everyone on their honor code. I would guess adherence to their honor code prevents many rapes and assaults.

For the second woman, I too am disturbed the Police shared her police report with the University. Perhaps she has a law suit in her future, against the Provo police.

For the third woman, I’m sorry for her experience. All women should read her story and not make the same decisions. I would tell my daughter to not trust a complete stranger they met online and drive off to the mountains alone with them, on their first date. It’s not clear if the stranger was also a student or what charges are appropriate since the assault stopped short of rape.

I stopped reading after that story. I would also be pissed if the BYU counselors are speaking as if they don’t believe the victims.


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