Does God punish us?

I don’t believe God “punishes” us. Some bad things may happen, but ultimately, it is for our good. I may be driving home from work tonight and get a flat tire and think God punished me for something today. But what if I didn’t get that flat tire and I’m driving along just fine and I get into an accident? I’m sure going to wish I had that flat tire. A lot of times we humans don’t know what’s good or bad for us. We just have to trust the Lord and trust in His will. If we do think we are being punished, turning that issue over to Him in prayer is a marvelous idea :slight_smile:

Depends on how you view God I think

The Old Testament he did punish people. The New Testament God loves. Its the same God. Christians go by the New Testament though the Old Testament is important.

It may be called tough love = rather than punishment?

But Gods Love for us is gentle and warm if you have really experienced His Love. We are guided to be nearer to His Love.

I like to think of it as God as a parent (Father :-P) who punishes his child after doing something wrong, and then after the punishment, comforts and secures the proof of his love for his child.

Yes - because he loves us.

There are many different theological and philosophical slants on this but in the end…and at it’s most basic…God can and does chastise us for our won good. Most of the time He does it by simply allowing us to deal with consequences of our own disobedience…
In the Psych field I believe they call this sort of training “logical consequence”.


God does not exact punishment on us for punishment’s sake but will allow us to deal with the ramifications of the choices we’ve made (accountability) in order to teach us a lesson. In that respect, God is no different from our parents, who love us, yet allow us to fail sometimes (and suffer, yes) in order to learn and grow from our own mistakes.

God, unfortunately, has taken the rap for many bad things that happen to people, but if you look closely at the circumstances surrounding a situation, you will inevitably find that people do it to themselves more often than not. People fail, but God never fails. Even when things seem to go wrong, we ought to learn to praise Him, in spite of it all. What this does is change our perspective over the situation (from helplessness to hopefuleness) and can actually turn many situations around. Praise, according to the bible, opens the gates of heaven where God’s glory or power can manifest (on earth) and make all things right.

God is a good God, but most people have an Old Testatment (authoritative) concept of God and need to replace that with a New Testament (loving) idea of Him. There is no question that He is the supreme creator and authority over all, yet He loved us so much that He gave us (through Adam, then Jesus) authority and dominion over this earth. As Catholic Charismatics are heard to say, 'God is good all the time".

God Rocks

punish is the wrong word.
yes sometimes he causes us suffering but the answer why is simple. i was listening to fr. Richard Rohr and i think he really gave a great explanation. he said suffering is when we are not getting our way, so it forces us to come out of our shell and break our habits and daily routines. therefore we are forced to change and we grow because of it. without suffering we woud never be motivated break out of our current lifestyles and change.
so for example lets say a person is living a sinful lifestyle (adultery, gambling, drinking, etc), God will give him suffering so he will be forced to stop and listen to the wil of God. otherwise he woud just keep on doing his own will which could lead him to Hell.
so in conclusion, does God cause us to suffer sometimes? yes. but it is out of his mercy and his divine assistance that he does so.

I don’t believe that God “causes” suffering but I do believe that He allows it for the purpose of bringing us closer to Him. Let’s face it, when things are difficult, we turn to prayer more.

However, I do want to stress that I don’t believe that God is Santa Claus. He doesn’t give you good things just because you are a good boy or girl and He doesn’t take pleasure in punishing you if you do something wrong. I used to feel this way when I would see people with more wealth than me, not having to struggle to make ends meet etc. Then, I realized that when I look at the Cross and see Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity suffering and dying, the perfect innocent victim, and I know that no matter what kind of suffering I endure on earth, the Almighty and Everliving God knows that suffering because He has experienced it. That thought gives me great comfort, strength and hope.

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