I have a hard financial life for 4 years, before that I had a great job. I have since struggled so hard to make money. I borrowed 40,000 from my parents, 10,000 from my brother and I am barely getting by on my bills, even having some utilities shut off because I can’t pay them.
I have a severe addiction to porn and masturbation. Is it possible God is punishing me? I know the Bible teaches you to be happy when He does since it shows His Love. I can’t find the exact verse, but it goes something like that. I have no excuse for my behavior, but I struggle so hard with this sin. I can last a few days, even a week if I try really hard but than I crash.
I pray the rosary daily too. I feel ashamed praying it since I sin the same day.
So my question is, is this all coming upon me because of my addiction? I had it before I lost my job. Is God finally fed up with me? I trust in Him as best as I can, but it’s mentally draining me down.
Also I’m new so sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum :slight_smile:

Please talk with your priest.

He might be able to counsel you better than anyone, or direct you to a really good resource.

You are new to the site. I’m going to suggest watching Fr. Ripperger’s videos on his Youtube channel or his multimedia site sensustraditionis.org/multimedia.html

God Bless you. You and your special intentions are in my prayers.

I forgot to add “The Master Thread” on Porn found here at the CAF.


Use the search feature and you may find many many more threads dealing with what you are dealing with. God Bless you.

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