Punjab: Muslim threats against Christians during Holy Week

Punjab: Muslim threats against Christians during Holy Week

04/03/2012 16:25 PAKISTAN

Islamabad (AsiaNews) - Islamic fanaticism is casting a dark shadow over Easter celebrations this year in Pakistan. The country’s Christian community has already received threats and warnings against celebrating the occasion. Now sources in Sarghoda District in Punjab tell AsiaNews that someone tore down Easter signs and decorations at the Eidgah Christian colony. The unknown attackers also threw black paint on the community’s sacred images and made threats against those present, warning them not to continue in their preparations.

When residents turned to the local police to file a report, no one at the station would do it. Instead, they told the complainants to leave.

With courage and determination, some of the faithful put back the signs and images. However, once again, in the evening of Palm Sunday, fanatics came back for another raid. This time, they threw away the images and threatened punitive reprisals against the Christian colony.

Yasir Masih, a local resident, spoke to AsiaNews about the situation. “For years, colony residents have come together to prepare Holy Week,” he said. Equally, “for years, we have been threatened. Even though we reported it to the authorities, they didn’t take it seriously. This year, they [the fanatics] have come to our streets and threatened us. We are not safe, and we are scared.”

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I’ll be praying for these people, and all Christians in that part of the world, this Holy Week. Heaven knows they need it.

Hmm… these Muslims need to get a grip and allow people to have religious freedom. Just because their country is Muslim doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be allowed to practice other faiths.

And what happened to Jesus being a great prophet? And they’re supposed to have a high respect for Mary? You never would have guessed that based on the way they treat Christians.

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