punk priest


talking about how untraditional this is:

He is a priest? really? Could somebody verify this please? :confused:



There was a thread discussing this guy some time ago: forums.catholic.com/showthread.php?t=114357


Yes, he’s real. There has already been a thread about him:


I do like his version (or whoever that is) of “Here I am Lord.”

(I suppose I will lose traditional points for saying that. :P)


And people wonder why the priesthood has lost its respect.


dr john rao gives a captivating talk about the Rock SubCulture and why it has gained credibility in the young generation.


People dont want this. It is a joke. A farce of the Holy Priesthood. The priest, though unworthy, is a living icon of Christ. He must be Christ to the Church. Such things as this “punk priest” are insults to Christ.

People want reverance and tradition and respectability in the priesthood. NOT THIS.


let’s have a concert with him and Fr. Fortuna. That would be interesting. :rolleyes:


It’s so sad how people like this think they are actually appealing to young people, when really they are losing respect and getting young people to come to church for the wrong reasons. I bet you could attract a lot more young people who are truly interested in being good Catholics and becoming holy just by being a mature, wise, holy priest who recognizes the dignity of his office. Really I think we’re pretty sick of novelty and we want something that isn’t based on the latest fads (although this priest is sooo 10 years ago IMO :rolleyes: ) which is one reason there is such a growing interest in the Ancient Mass among young people.


The priest looks more like a Rock 'n Roll type to me. For the first time in my life, I’ve seen one like that. I am not judging him because I don’t know him at all, but the way he dresses and his hair style really scare me.


I think he looks like a slob, and he certainly isn’t dressing the part of a priest. I’m young (20) and this guy doesn’t appeal to me at all. He seems to be one of those washed up celebrities who keep trying to stay younger than they really are! Priests should wear cassocks, or if not that, at least the Roman Collar (and keep it up, unlike his unkempt collar). His orthodox teachings may be sound, but his appearance (and his pride in said appearance) also says a lot.


Hello!? He is obviously a phony nut job mocking the priesthood. It is diabolical. How can you people be so gullible?

And, do not put him in the same category as Fr. Stan Fortuna.
Fr. Stan is a true priest of God, solid as a rock. You should be ashamed of yourself. He is truly anointed. His style is different from many of us, but if you hear what he is saying, he is orthodox as they come. Well, if you thought that other guy was legit it’s no wonder you would insult the real thing.


A friend of mine once opined “Christian music is rubbish”. Somewhat taken aback, I asked how he could say such a thing of the Halleluiah chorus, Bach’s masses, Gregorian chant, and so forth.

It transpired that he meant Christian rock was rubbish. He identified rock with music. He was right, there have been lots of attempts to produce “gospel” rock and the like, and all of them have been failures. Rock music is essentially adolescent, all about how terrible life is and how one has to be evil to be credible. To an adolescent that has deep meaning, because adolescents are competing very intensely for the best positions in the social pecking order. However sublimated anger and anxiety is not something that it is easy for Christians to use.


There is something for everyone,musically speaking, and those that criticize the efforts of another who is on the same team is thwarting the effort. Some people around here could use a good dose of humility. How many people have you brought to Chirst?


Whom are you referring to?


You do have to be careful. For instance I once criticised the terrible choice of music at young person’s prayer service.

It turned out that one of the teenagers had written the tunes himself. So of course in an objective sense it was bad. But to write your own music does have value, and my comments were unfortunate.

However some things don’t work. We cannot be totally paralysed for fear of offending someone has probably worked hard, on the possibility they might just read what is written, even if you would try to be a lot more diplomatic responding to them directly.


I think he looks like a bad priest. And after browsing his MySpace page he doesn’t appear to act much like a priest. (Going to rock concerts all the time dressed up like his little punk image self).

However, as my Bishop is teaching me to do, you have to find the good in all situations. (Perhaps a Catholic version of “If you can’t say anything nice…”) His teaching is orthodox, and reading the comments on his MySpace his parishioners love him. With that said, let’s hope now that he has this “following” he grows up and teaches them how a priest is supposed to act. The type of men he attracts to the priesthood are certainly not the ones I would want as my pastor, nor as my brother priest.

Okay. Let’s not “hope.” He REALLY needs to grow up and start acting like a priest. So let’s pray instead.


Yeah, singing heretical songs like “Amazing Grace” as posted on You Tube really is “orthodox.”



This guy is solid orthodox, and the people on his MySpace love him. He is dressed appropriately for Mass, prefers incense and all of the ornateness that goes with a traditional Mass. He gets a thumbs up in my book.:thumbsup:


A priest’s role as a living icon of Our Lord does not end when Mass does. He must act as a priest should throughout his life.

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