Purchasing Bibles, Images of Christ, Worship Music...

Something that has been on my mind (along with the whole ‘selfish’ question that I posed on another thread) is, should we be purchasing & making money off of anything that has to do with God / Christ? Including Scriptures and such? Should we be profiting off of Christ and His commission / commands of us?

Hi Singingbeauty,
Me too, I’ve been wondering about that also. But I suppose somebody has to make and produce the things you mentioned. How else would we have a bible to read or music to listen to. I just wish the companies wouldn’t charge so much.

I remember a saying,but I’m not sure where it from. It goes something like this, “freely given, freely received” That’s how I feel about the issue. Can you imagine if Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, Peter, and the other scripture writers had negotiated for royalities on their work?:slight_smile:

I see this in a slighlty different way: the worker deserves his wages. Now, let us suppose that it costs $6.00 to produce a study Bible, from the rights to a translation to the shipping of the final product. The Company feels that it needs to make at least $6.00 on it to stay afloat. The bookstore then pays $12.00 for it and sells it for 19.95 regular price, less on sale. I have no issue with that. My issue comes in with what people DO with the money that they make off of religion.

Years ago, before the fall of the televangelists, Jimmy Swaggart had a $800,000 wall around his house. There are other examples. So many people make money off of religion and then do not use it to help others. There is the issue.

It has been pointed out that the author of a Purpose Driven Life, Rick Warren, uses 10% of the money from his works to live on and give 90% to various ministries. I would dare say that he is the exception. Here in Alabama, I see folks who are ministers driving $70,000 cars given to them by their churches. Some of the larger churches pay in excess of $100,000 per year. Ok, fine, that is the choice of that church. I would ask how would Jesus see this.

Maybe it would be great if we lived in a 100%-barter society, but the cold hard fact is that we do not, and people have to be able to support themselves. I am more than happy to spend my money at the one local Catholic book/gift shop we have in my part of the workd, because I really appreciate the service the shop’s owner provides our community.

will you be donating the materials, technology and labor to produce these items to the publisher or manufacturer?

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