Purchasing Latin LOTH

Does anybody know where I can currently purchase the Latin edition of the Liturgy of the Hours (or the Liturgia Horarum)? I’ve been looking all over, searching the forums, etc. All I can find are old links most of which do not even work and none of which have it. The only site I have found that seems to actually have it is paxbooks, but they say that volume 2 is no longer available.

I am aware of hew 6 volume set from Midwest Theological Forum, but it is far, far too expensive and surely there is another source. Priest in Rome must get theirs somewhere!

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AFAIK, Paxbooks is the main source for the Latin edition. One hopes that this is a temporary situation. I bought the 4 volume set last year from them.

This doesn’t answer your question, I know, but at least in the recent past all the volumes were available. If you haven’t already done so, you might check alibris.com or one of the other used book sites.

If anyone cares, this is for sale…

Liturgia Horarum 4 volume set


Why do you assume priests in Rome are praying the LOTH in Latin? I know quite a number of priests who studied in Rome and they prayed it in their vernacular language.

Check out the links in the paxbook.com website for the Liturgia Horarum. They are in between printings (and have been for an awful long time), so the titles are unavailable.

The leather-bound version is available, if you can stomach the price! :eek:

(approx. $200 per volume!!!)

cannot stomach $800 (plus a ridiculous amount of $$ for shipping trans-Atlantic) just to pray privately. Not in this economy. It’d be scandalous when there are so many that are unemployed.

Best to look for a deal.

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