Pure Fashion on Dr. Phil


I’m not a huge Dr. Phil fan, but on Friday, Brenda Sharman of Pure Fashion will be on the show to defend modest dressing. Way to go! —KCT


Cool! My dd is going to a Pure Fashion retreat this winter.


YAY! I’m setting the VCR right now. :extrahappy:


Good! I’m glad Pure Fashion is getting mainstream publicity. :thumbsup:


I got to watch that.:slight_smile:


How was the show?

I like what PureFashion is doing, btw.


It isn’t on till 5 tonight, it is being recorded, because I’ll be away most of the day


I don’t understand why she would have to ‘defend’ modest dressing. I could see that people have problems with what constitues modesty but not modesty itself.


Some mothers encourage their daughters to dress like tramps. Why? I don’t have a clue. But it does happen.


The show just finished here. I think many of those girls still don’t “get it” and think that it’s a generation-gap issue. I wish he would have had a panel of young men on as well, giving their honest opinions of what they think of girls who dress like hoochies. Then maybe those girls would have paid attention. Ah well, at least Dr. Phil brought up the issue on the show.


Maybe because the mothers dress like tramps themselves? Or they see the attention that their daughters get for dressing like that as a positive reflection on themselves? :shrug:


I know it does happen.:frowning:

I was thinking that modesty, like compassion, would be a value that most would see as positive even if they aren’t modest or compassionate themselves.

I guess that I am wrong.:frowning:


I had the same impression.

I thought that Brenda was very articulate and charming.


I’ll be honest, some clothes I was not against(when they were showing people from the audience).

The tank top was pushing it, the next shirt could use a matching shirt underneath otherwise it is innapropriate(sp), it showed to much then the third one I didn’t see anything wrong(but the Pure Fashion person said it looked to tight and since they didnt show it close enough I can’t tell) and the fourth I understand because I have the riding up problem with my shirts and do my best to prevent it.

I did not like Dr. Phil saying that they were being too strict with the 11 year old, she is 11, now her parents might go out and buy her things she shouldnt have.

In my house my brother is a bit protective so if I wear something he thinks I shouldnt I will know about it cause he will freak.


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