When you hear the word *pure * what does that mean to you?
Does it always mean physically chaste; virgin?
Can we be pure of body, heart, mind, and soul? How do we achieve this?



When I hear the wore pure I think “without corruption or dilution.” It does not always mean physically chaste or virgin unless you think of a virgin as unblemished. For example, hate, in the sense I think of it and as it is used in the Catechism, can only truly exist in a pure state. Darkness can only be pure darkness if there is no light… anywhere. When it is used to describe a person though, like Galahad the Pure, I think of one whose thoughts are on higher matters, and whose actions follow thought.

With regards to the last question, I will assume you mean purity in the Christian sense. We can be pure of body, heart, mind, and soul, but its darn difficult. Purity of heart actually linked to purity of body and faith. As the pure in heart are defined as “those who have attuned their intellects and wills to the demands of god’s holiness, chiefly in three areas: charity; chastity; love of truth and orthodoxy of faith (CCC 2518)” we can see how one cannot be pure of mind or body without being pure of heart. One should note, however, that purity may not be a perpetual condition in our lives as we may turn away from purity, as we may turn away from God, even in small ways. The soul is the innermost aspect of a person, so purity of soul would mean a soul that turns toward God in all things, which would be a saint!:smiley: As for how we achieve all that, well, we’re all working on it, but I think you get the general idea. Hope this helps.


When I hear the wore pure I think “without corruption or dilution.”

I agree.

Very techniqully speaking, a lot of things can be pure; be it hatred or love.
What makes it such a special word, I think, is that there aren’t really many pure human beings out there one way or another. No ones heart is pure good or pure evil, save those of Mary and Jesus.


When I hear the word “pure,” I think “clean” or “innocent,” so perhaps it could mean virgin in my meaning, of course. :slight_smile:

Being pure of body, heart, mind, and soul is a tough achievement. I’m not sure about being pure mentally and physically because we all age and learn and fill our bodies and minds with various objects, nutrition, and concepts. Regardless, you can still go to healthy ways of living (i.e. a healthy diet).

As far as the purity of soul goes, quiet the conflicts you have with others and yourself. That’s the first step, and if that is ever achieved, the rest will take care of itself.

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