Purely demonic adulterous blasphemous annoying thoughts


I am constantly annoyed by adulterous thoughts…I’m like no no go away when they pop up…and I must say go away around 30 times a day…its like i can’t stop it…
i watched the da vinci code and that made my mind starting to do that! my annoying thoughts are about errrr…what da vinci code talks about…which is purely demonic influence. i don’t want it in my life and i try to avoid thinking about the lord because every time i do i think about adulterous and blasphemous thoughts…they pop up and i try to stop thinking about them as quickley as possible! they are hurting my relationship with God and I am embarassed about it! AAAAAHH:eek:

what do i do?
is this sinful?


First of all - relax.

Whenever a thought enters your mind which should not be there, immediately pray “God please remove this temptation from me” or something similar. Keep it short and move on. Don’t stop thinking about the Lord or praying - THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT SATAN WANTS. Just stay faithful to God and let him guide you.

It only becomes sinful when it is intentional.


Turn these thoughts around by actually STUDYING the topic that is digging at you. When you study history, the Church and the life of Jesus you will see that this Dan Brown stuff is bunk. Maybe God is allowing you to suffer these thoughts because he is calling you to learn more about his truths in your research.


Try and think of it this way,

There is a parade,… your not really interested in the parade but on all the other aspects of being there - friends, family and other peripheral activities that you enjoy and share.

Once in a while you can’t avoid but glance at the passing parade but, you’re really not interested in the parade or its noise. So you tend to just let it pass.

It is the same with prayer and being at mass and praying the Rosary. The parade of inane and profane thoughts don’t hold your interest…just let them pass and continue to pray.

I recommend “Seeds of Contemplation” by Thomas Merton. It was very helpful to me and my journey towards a life of prayer and a life of the spirit.


The way that I look at it is that the first thought that comes to mind is outside of my control. What happens after that has everything to do with me. And, yes, your thoughts are probably due to demons. They know your weaknesses and will attack them.

Prayer is the answer. Ask God to take this away. Ask St. Michael to defend you. Ask Mary to help. Jesus loves you. He will gladly remove temptations. The Holy Spirit is here to help as well. You have got a great team on your side. This is an easy one for them to handle. Don’t do it alone.


It happens to many people.



I get bad thoughts too, but just ask St. Michael, Jesus or Mary to come to my aid, and my mind goes to something else not impure. It really works to ask for their help.


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