Purgatorial Pains


St. Augustines vision on Purgatory really scares me. Saying that the pains are like or equal to Hell and worse than the most excruciating pain possible on earth. It seems some of the visions of saints and mystics confirm this(the miracles of burnt handmarks, etc).

Lotsa people tell me not to worry about. But the St. Augustines view seems to stick in my head… Is there anyway to deal with this without becoming to scrupulous??


Have you ever read St. Catherine of Genoa’s Treatise on Purgatory? That might help you a bit. It is here online (scroll past the long introduction):


What she basically says, is that while it is very painful, since we cannot sin, our wills are perfectly aligned with Jesus. Since we know we are suffering for love of Him, our suffering becomes a source of joy, like the Saints who cried out with joy when they were tortured and martyred, who knew it would lead to their purification and salvation.


I would be very happy if I find myself in Purgatory because it means I would be saved and can only go to Heaven thereafter and never to Hell!


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