Purgatory and Saints


I was wondering. Are any saints (the ones formally canonized) known to have spent time in Purgatory? I see lots of devotions speaking of the poor souls being released from purgatory and entering heaven but have any of them been proclaimed a saint?


There are no saints who we know for certain went through Purgatory. However, canonization does not automatically exclude a person from having to be purged of their sinfulness. Any of the saints may have gone through Purgatory, but we won’t know for sure this side of eternity.


Some saints say they went through pugatory. Like there was a mother supiorior that said her toung was on fire for gossip.


I know that sainthood means that Heaven is the end for them. But, whose to say if they took the a direct route or made a stop? Kinda like wearing a Scapular saves you from going to Hell: you’ll get to Heaven eventually because you aren’t going to Hell, but Purgatory may come first.



Even saints are sinners, no one but Jesus is without sin.

Many of the saints suffered greatly either by persecution or physical ailments. They may have completed their sentence on earth, or their stay may have been for only the briefest time possible or almost instantaneously.

I can’t think of too many faults with any of the saints. Padre Pio was known to have a gruff temperment, but 50 years of the stigmata would made anyone irritiable, and it seems to me plenty of time of suffering to cover any other faults as well.

St. Paul persecuted the Church prior to converting and is blamed for St. Stephen’s martyrdom. Does he get time for being a thorn in the early Church’s side ?

Saints were human too, but overcame their sinful nature to accomplish what God wanted. I doubt any of them received much more than a slap on the wrist :slight_smile:



[quote=turboEDvo] Kinda like wearing a Scapular saves you from going to Hell

I’m not sure if this is a true statement. Can you explain?


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