Purgatory and Temporal Punishment.

A poster here at C.A., a Protestant, says that if you are alive at the time of the 2nd coming and if there is a Purgatory you would have to be in and out quickly, because the coming of the Lord and the raising up will all happen in the twinkling of the eye according to scripture.
I do wonder how unresolved Temporal Punishment will be dealt with under those circumstances. What do you say Catholics.?:shrug::)Carlan

I say leave it to God.It is not for us to decide about God’s will. I would also advise if you are catholic then don’t be swayed by protestant thinking.Just a thought!:smiley:

Those alive at the Second Coming will have gone through Antichrist’s reign of terror (Rev. 7:9-17) - Purgatory on earth. Of course, if they believe the “Church” is going to be raptured out of here before that happens, that point will be lost on them, but it’s right there in the Bible. :slight_smile: God bless.

Where in the op does it say they are being swayed by protestantism? They are only asking for Catholic responses.:shrug:

GOD knows exactly about those who will be alive then (may it include all of us) and how to have them work off their sinfulness in their natural forms, such that Purgatory will not be needed.

As that final moment approaches, human life will “come to a head” spiritually, in such a way that our present-day luxury of solthfulness, venial sins, no penance, and counting on doing Purgatory, will NOT be available. Either one will then be faithful up to potentially losing his head (martyrdom cancels all Purgatory), or fall away as the pressure increases. Either way there will finally be no need for Purgatory.


Thanks Luke, that is the answer I was looking for;):slight_smile: Carlan

yup, as Father Caropi always says in the end it’s either heaven or hell,Thanks:)Carlan.

Nice thread Sis…May the Lord Bless and keep you…Thank you for your encouraging us to get deeper in the word…

It sure ought to wake those up those luke warm and cold to make a serious commitment to Christ…One of my prayers in these last days is " Lord ,shake what needs to be shaken so it will wake those who need to be awaken".

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