Purgatory and the Rosary


When i pray the rosary, i feel i am doing my Purgatory NOW…

especially the Sorrowful Mysteries… which seem to show the condition of my soul more than the other ones…

How do you feel about this?

Do you pray the rosary?


If God is showing you what you need to improve when you say the Sorrowful Mysteries, listen to Him and keep up the good work!

You are blessed.


Well, when I pray the rosary, I think about the souls already in purgatory and pray for them.


I feel that it is good to pray for the souls in purgatory. I do believe that when we pray the rosary with a true and pure heart that the Lord will bless us. Our blessed Mother will watch over us too.


Although it was somewhat difficult to do, at first… daily praying of the Rosary has become a great comfort to me. I feel very close to Our Lord and Our Lady, in meditating on the different Mysteries.

I have sometimes heard it said, that we can be “drawn” to different Mysteries. It sounds like God is speaking to you, through the Sorrowful Mysteries; I agree that they are the most difficult to pray… especially when you meditate deeply on them. It’s also good to use the Sorrowful Mysteries… for meditation, while saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Offering Rosaries for the Holy Souls in Purgatory is a very good thing to do; and also, offer a Rosary whenever you can for our Holy Father, the Pope. He carries a tremendous burden on his shoulders… and he needs our prayers.

God bless.


thanks… but why no comment on how the Sorrowful mysteries affect YOU?

just wondering…



how can one avoid hving at least a semi-pure heart during the praying of the rosary?

seems the Holy spirit takes over…


but i feel i am actually IN Purgatory whe i pray the rosary… because Purgatory can be now or later… it just means becoming sufficiently purified to enter Heaven, where there is no sin and no desire for sin… or inclination toward sin…

do people generally have a hard time with the concept of being in Purg now, here on EArth??

well, maybe its because they don’t have my life… :smiley:


do you ever feel that you yourself are in Purgatory while you pray the rosary?

What i mean is, do you feel you are being purged of sins or the inclination to sin?

I guess this is not a good question because the answer is rather obvious…

or it is to me… (and probably all who pray the rosary)… :slight_smile:

I feel that i truly became a Christian when i began the rosary… I’ve always been a Christian (cradle Catholic) but not always … objectively speaking a “serious one”…


i also feel i am in Purgatory while @ the unexposed Sacrament…

where the souls in Purgatory are said to be with Jesus, around the Tabernacle…

i totally belive that… even though don’t know if Church takes a definite stand on that issue…


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