Purgatory before our Lord ascended into Heaven

People who died in grace before our Lord Ascended into Heaven where in a place called Limbo. What about Purgatory? Is Limbo and Purgatory the same place? Did people go to Purgatory before our Lord’s Ascended into Heaven?

no purgatory and “limb” are not the same.

So what is purgatory:
Catholic.com: Purgatory


Cathilc.com : The Roots of Purgatory

and there is an old thread discussing this exact question:

This article by Father William Saunders explains what happened to those who died before the coming or Our Lord Jesus: ewtn.com/library/ANSWERS/VISHELL.htm

May God bless you all abundantly and forever! :slight_smile:

Thank you… for some reason I couldn’t find that link in my bookmarks and the search engine was turning up everything else, including a recipe for orange-marmalade-bread-puddings!

Wow, they got that in purgatory?

Only towards the end… :smiley:

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