Purgatory Purification


I’ve heard on many occasions, one of the reasons why souls go to purgatory is to be purified from all inclinations and attachments to sin. What I don’t understand is how can a soul still have these attachments if it is separated from the body?


The will and intellect are powers of the soul. The human will and intellect are immaterial in the sense that they do not depend upon matter for their operation. The will is an appetite – a power of the soul by which one is inclined toward something.


The soul enjoyed carnal pleasures only through the body. It csnnot enjoy these things being separated from the body.



When we die we are not Transfigured as in the Transfiguration of Jesus… and we do take it with us, in spite of popular misconception… it is the reason why we will be paid according to our works.

Maran atha!



We also understand that Purgatory also serves to carry out temporal punishments for the sins and the effects of sin that were in our lives while on Earth.

When young kids, or even old Baptists, ask me why we believe in Purgatory, I simply start with an analogy … hey, you’ve been working on your construction job all day and your boss is having a dinner party. Are you going to go straight from work over to your boss’ house for dinner or would you like to run home and freshen up in the shower and put on some non-construction clothes for the dinner with your boss?


The way I understand it, the soul s formed by the life of h body. Fo most it s somewhat deformed by sin committed during our earthly life. Stained, wounded, whatever term is used, it is not able in that state to receive the vision of God.


The soul might only be able to enjoy carnal pleasures while in the body, but that doesn’t mean the soul isn’t still attached to that sin. The soul can still desire evil without having the ability to enjoy it.


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