Purgatory souls

i hear purgatory souls do wonders. how do you ask them for help? sdecondly i have been praying for their release then how do i know they are ok?

They pray a lot! So it is always nice to pray for them. And I guess you have to take it by faith whether they’ve made it out or not. I think purgatory is on the same timeless level as heaven?, so then all your continued prayers would just compound over time, right?

Maybe pm a priest to answer your question.

You may not get to know during your lifetime on earth, but if/when you make it heaven with the help of their prayers, I’m sure there will be a joyful reunion.

Keep praying!


How strange ! I just posted something with this in another thread.

We are taught that: The Souls in Purgatory - whether we know them or not - cannot help themselves. By reaching Purgatory, they are now assured of their Heavenly Destination and while they can’t help themselves, they can help us (I’m not sure if it’s while they are still in Purgatory or once they reach Heaven).

Either way, it’s much safer NOT to go with the daily advice we hear, such as:
“They’re with God now”. “It’s just a body. They’re not suffering anymore.”

(If it’s just a body, it’s the BODY not suffering. We have no clue as to the soul’s state - something that is difficult for us to consider. People have put everything into an earthly context.) But only God and the soul in question know. And unless God grants us the Grace of some special notice, we won’t know.

The cold hard fact is that we DO know that alot of souls must be waiting years for prayers - prayers not said even by loved ones who assume they’re not suffering anymore - or perhaps, who have no one to pray for them.

Never forget the “Poor Souls”. Their poverty is in being forgotten while suffering. Their wealth is waiting on the other side of a Door - in Heaven for all Eternity. And once there, if not able to do so sooner, they will repay us for our prayers - with their own. But even without the second statement, there’s someone begging to be released - and we have been given the assignment. It doesn’t matter if we know them or not. Don’t we give financial donations to the poor on earth - who we will never see? Remember these Holy Souls daily - from the moment you wake in the morning.

At least once or twice a week I offer up my rosary (usually when I’m saying the sorrowful mysteries) for the souls in purgatory.

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