Purgatory is not a doctrine made up Catholics, in fact it is deeply rooted in Jewish tradition, prayer for the dead and souls in purgatory pre-dates Jesus founding of the Church. In the holy year the Jews pray the keddish’ and have a keddish cup, which is a prayer for the soul of a departed family member in purgatory. This belief ties in with the communion of the saints and that those in Heaven are just as alive spiritually and can pray for us here on earth. Purgatory also ties us in with the Jewish treasury of merit but I wanted to focus primarily on purgatory. There are several scriptures to use all right in the NT that show us purgatory.



The Church Fathers on Purgatory



Biblical and Jewish Traditional Beliefs About Purgatory


The Early Church Fathers on Purgatory:


…and *Protestants *on Purgatory:



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