If we confess our sins, are we exempt from temporal punishment?


Nope, not normally

Fr. Corapi put it best I think. I loosely paraphrase him.

Sin is like a bullet wound. Confession heals the hole left by the bullet, purpatory heals/cleans the scar which is left.

Remember, nothing unclean can enter heaven, and a scar would be a stain upon the soul.


well think about it this way, lets say you’re playing ball outside, and you accidentally break a neighbors window with the ball, well even though you apologize and they forgive you for it, you still have to pay for the broken window…that’s how it is with sin, even though God forgives you when you go to confession, you still have to pay for what you’ve done,

or here’s another way to look at it,
lets say you’re going to a birthday party, and you’re wearing a pretty white dress, but on your way there you fall in a mud puddle, now would you still go to the party with your dress stained like that? of course not, you’d want to go home and get the stain out(or change your clothes, but that ruins the point :B )
that’s how it is when you die, and your soul is stained with sin, you don’t *want *to go to heaven like that, you would insist on going to purgatory first.

although there are also indulgences, which do remove the stain of sin, you can read up on indulgences here -

or if you don’t want to read all of that, you can also ask your priest about indulgences.


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catholicapologetics.info/apologetics/defense/index.htm :frowning:


Normally, no, confession alone does not remit temporal punishment for sin.

One may obtain partial or plenary (full) indulgences which DO remit remporal punishment for sins committed and confessed in a good confession UP TO THAT TIME (and only when said indulgences are made in proper form as required for each one sought).

Personally I would recommend for most adults at least a yearly or every 2-3 years making a GENERAL CONFESSION (taking care to do a thorough examination of conscience about all the sins committed through the period), and then doing the steps (in proper form and above all proper disposition which includes the firm intent to avoid sin and do penance) for a plenary indulgence.

Since this is a Pauline year we will have several opportunities to gain those indulgences and hopefully more people will be ‘reminded’ to seek them out.

And it goes almost without saying that one should do a **nightly **‘examination of conscience’, IMMEDIATELY get to confession at any given time if in a state of mortal sin, try to AVOID occasions of sin, and try to either do some extra ‘good’ (extra prayers or almsgivings) daily or some extra penance (giving up something for God) daily.

May God help all of us to do this in order to know, love and serve Him in this world and the next.


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