could anybody please give me a list of the scriptures for purgatory

Dear Young,

You will not find the word “purgatory” in Scripture, but then you won’t find the word “Trinity” there either. But you will find plenty to support both. Here is a list of helpful passages:

Mt 5:48
Heb 12:14
Jam 3:2
Rev 21:27
1Jn 5:16-17
Jam 1:14-15
2 Sam 12:13-14
Mt 5:26, 12:32, 12:36
2Macc 12:44-46
1Cor 3:15
1Pet 3:18-20; 2:6
2 Tim 1:16-18
1 Cor 15:29-30

Also, here is the article on purgatory in the Original Catholic Encyclopedia:
*]Purgatory[/LIST]Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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