In the new issue and catalog of Soul Magazine Issue two Page 4, regarding Fatima, Lucia asked Our Lady about two friends that had died and Our Lady told her that Maria Neves was in Heaven and that Amelia will be in Purgatory till the end of the world. This makes me wonder whether it helps if we pray for the dead and lessen there stay in Purgatory or are we all destined to stay in Purgatory till the end of the world.


God grant you peace.
We aren’t ‘destined’ for purgatory. We choose it by our ways of living.
Note that one of the girls went straight to heaven. The other…who knows what serious unrepented sin…and the Church as well as the saints assure us that our prayers help the souls in Purgatory, whom we pray for in every Mass.

God is merciful “If the greatest sinner should repent at the moment of his death, and draw his last breath in an act of love, neither the many graces he had abused, nor the multiplied crimes he had committed, would stand in his way. Our Lord would see nothing, count nothing, but the sinner’s last prayer, and without delay He would receive him into the arms of His mercy.” (Saint Therese of Lisieux)

**It might help you to read of the experience of saints like **St Padre Pio with souls in purgatory to become aware of the efficacy of prayer for them. Books, or see what you can find on the internet.

God bless you


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