Can the saints in heaven help those in purgatory? Should we pray to the saints for the poor souls?

Well, the Byzantine funeral service does call upon the intercession of the Theotokos a lot, so I’m assuming that yes, the saints can help those who are being purified.

i think they can pray for them to an extent, but people on earth can offer masses, prayers, sufferings, penances, fasts etc for the holy souls…

Its up to us to ask the Saints for their intercession for the Suffering souls. The suffering souls are already judged and thus the Saints presumably already advocated for them then and the Lord already judged them justly and deemed they go there. Since they are judged the saints have already done what they can , but we , who have yet to go to trial can gain their release through meritorius activities including asking Saints for their intercession though Our Prayers and the Mass

This is a very good question, and I hope that the answer is yes, because every night I ask a litany of saints to pray me out of Purgatory, if I should go there. The reason why I do this is because most Catholics these days think everyone dies and goes straight to Heaven, so very few people still have a devotion to the souls in Purgatory. I do not want to be stuck in Purgatory because of no one praying for me, so I ask the saints in Heaven to do so in order that they might obtain an “early release” for me.


Yes, the Saints can pray for the Holy Souls in purgatory. But the Holy Souls can not help themselves. Its up to us and the Saints to help them.

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