I am very much drawn to knowing and understanding the Catholic Church, but I was wondering…is Purgatory real…are there any Bible passages that offer proof of purgatory?


Yes purgatory is real, we should pray for those in purgatory so they can enter heaven quicker

Yes. There are bible passages which offer proof of purgatory.

Here is a nice video where Scott Hahn (a former protestant minister) responds to someone’s question about the Catholic/biblical doctrine of Purgatory.

Video here >> youtu.be/_ifKJSuKaNk

Hi Heather,

God bless you on your journey.

I am no expert, but this is how purgatory was explained to me. When we are baptized, the Original Sin is washed away. (Original Sin is not personal sin – Original Sin is what we call our loss of Divine Inheritance because of Adam and Eve’s disobedience). When we commit personal grave sins, are mastered by venial sins, etc, we need to go to confession (in addition to routine confession), and the absolution removes the personal sin from our souls similar to a cancer being removed by a doctor. That said, there are still leftover scars. Purgatory removes those scars by burning them away. Its is a loving fire that burns them away, and the feeling is like being so deeply in love that it hurts beyond words. It is a safe feeling and a very intimate experience.

People have written about purgatory-like experiences here on Earth. See for example newtheologicalmovement.blogspot.com/2010/11/prayer-purgatory-on-earth.html.

For a scriptural description, here’s one article: mostholyfamilymonastery.com/Articles/the_bible_teaches_purgatory.pdf

Hope this helps.

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Have you read the CCC on this topic? Paragraphs 1030-1032 & 1474 which include the bible passage references. If this does not answer your questions please feel free to ask a more direct question here.:thumbsup:


Here’s a good explanation of Purgatory from the tracts section of the Catholic Answers website:


This references not only scriptures regarding Purgatory, but also how the Early Church treated the teaching.

What is Purgatory? :wink:

See also additional Scripture at scripturecatholic.com


Your question, and mine not so long ago, was what possible evidence of this is there in the Bible. Many of the sites I was sent to just didn’t answer it in a way that made sense to me.

Here is my stab at answering it from a purely biblical perspective : beyond-m42.net/blog/article/126/

Something else to ponder. Prior to Christ, where did the dead go ? They didn’t go to heaven as Christ hadn’t yet made the way back to heaven open. Ponder the harrowing of hell.

Thank you everyone for all of your replies,they have all been very helpful.The Catholic Church seems so right in so many ways but it’s not an easy decision to convert.

Thank you

Heather, you are correct when you say the Catholic Church is so right. Jesus promised the Church would be “right”. Purgatory was one of the last hurdles for me, but I understand now that one cannot be in the presence of God Almighty if there is a stain of sin on our soul. Thus Purgatory for the ones of us who have not taken care of these stains prior to death. We will never know who goes through the state of Purgatory. Only God knows that.
I pray you will find peace with this, but mostly you have to decide that the Catholic Church is in fact the Church Jesus started. Once that decision is reached, it becomes a matter of obedience to accept Purgatory, the Immaculate Conception, Communion of Saints, all the things which might hang us up. God’s Grace will bring peace and accepttance once we have His Church in its proper perspective.



Here is an exhaustive explanation…from it s Jewish and OT roots to the NT:


By Scott Hahn…Purgatory Holy fire

Thank you Stan,
I am almost there!,.what has been said about purgatory makes sense and does line up with scripture…(Can’t help wanting everything to be in the Bible.it’s the protestant in me :slight_smile: .I feel less and less “connected” to the worship in my own church, and more and more drawn to believing the Catholic Church is indeed His true Church but I also play a large part within my very small church…so I am feeling really badly about the decision I am certain I am gong to be making soon.

Jesus invited us to put His burden and yoke upon our shoulders, not to be free from all burden and yolks. He also taught us to pick up and carry our crosses daily. Sometimes it is tough to follow Him, but He will give you the grace needed to make it.

God bless, and welcome home!

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