Is purgatory real? Some have tried to strip out the Bible book that mentioned purgatory, but a direct reference by Jesus no one touched. Jesus said some sins would not be remitted here on earth or in the next life. Clearly he was referring to purgatory. I found this by reading about St. Bernard. So almost 1000 years ago he agreed that Jesus was talking about purgatory.

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…i have said this before… when all is said and done, if i am able to slide in under the radar behind the door with the large red “P” on it, i will be satisfied…




I believe you might want to read Curtis Martin’s piece in “Catholic for a Reason” gives a good base for purgatory with Biblical references and quote from Saint’s Augustine, Caesarius of Arles and Gregory the Great.


Purgatory :That tract will give you a good explanation of it.

This link may also help somewhat.

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A friend of mine once described Purgatory as God’s “Detailing shop”. :smiley:


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