Do you think a Protestant like me is more likely to end up in Purgatory than heaven and then have a chance to make it to heaven from there?


I think this shows how misunderstood purgatory really is.

Purgatory is a state after death that will cleanse all who are going to heaven, so that they are pure before God.

So, all in Purgatory are heaven bound, they are just undergoing cleansing (purging) to be clean before the Lord.

Those in hell are eternally there and those in Heaven are eternally in heaven. Those in Purgatory are assured heaven once they have been purged to be presentable to God. Those in Purgatory cannot go to hell.

I hope this helps with any misunderstandings.

Peace be with all


I would say that you are more likely to go straight to heaven. Please realize this is only my opinion and I am not trying to be arrogant. If the Catholic belief is correct then you, as a Protestant, are not in possession of the whole Truth. If you are not in possession of the whole Truth then you will not be held as accountable as someone who has access to the whole Truth. There is some Catholic doctrinal traces in my opinion, but it is still just my opinion…FWIW.:slight_smile:


I don’t know you, or how well you practice your faith, so I won’t comment on where you will ultimately end up. However, I can say this: Purgatory is not a final destination, as Heaven and Hell are. Purgatory is not a second chance at salvation. All those who find themselves in Purgatory will, without a doubt, ultimately be in the presence of God.

Again, since Purgatory is not a final destination, you will not “end up” there with a chance of making it to Heaven. If you find yourself there, you will know without a doubt that you will eventually be in Heaven for eternity.



Ah. OK that makes more sense. I saw your disclaimer about this being a quote from someone else, and thought it referred to what followed your disclaimer. Thanks for clearing that up.


You won’t have a chance to go to Heaven from Purgatory…YOU WILL GO to HEAVEN!!! It’s a garuntee! Purgatory is not a second chance…it’s Heaven at it’s beginnings…



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