Purification of the Catholic Church?


Seems many here are coming against the recent statements from our US Bishops and Cardinals concerning the separation of children from their parents at our nations borders.

Do we think we have more wisdom than they?

Have we spent years in Seminary studying the ways of God preparing for their calling?

God speaks through the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and Priests. And God is speaking to the Church now! Jesus’s Spirit is in them and speaking through them. You might not be fighting man, but God Almighty Himself.

Lets be open to what they say and pray to Christ to help you understand.

This might be the time of the purification of Christ church where many cannot accept what the magistrate’s say.

It reminds me of when many left being followers of Christ because his teachings were too hard.
St. John 6:66.


I don’t think any ex cathedra, infallible statements concerning the US illegal immigration problem have been made…

other than that, all opinions that have been stated concerning the matter are not perfect or part of Tradition, but rather statements made by well-intentioned people, both clerics and lay, Republican and Democrat, who desire the best for the Church and our nation. I don’t think anyone is trying to fight Christ’s teachings.


Well its sure an interesting time.


So we are only to follow excathedra statements now?


Nope, never said that.


you can say that again…


What does a social justice position that has been not surprisingly taken by some bishops have to do with the “purification of the Church”?

Not seeing any connection, sorry.


There are many things to be concerned about.

The fact that children are caught up in this mess is defiantly something to be concerned about.

Whether or not the focus of how to keep immigrant children safe is in the right place is another story.



I think you might be laying it on a bit thick. Sure, some are struggling over the Bishops’ stance on the separation of families, but to say this is the issue that will purify the church is a bit much.


Have they presented solutions? Me thinks not.

Are they infallible? No… Have they involved the UN? No… Should something be done? YES! However, we’re not obligated to bear every burden and cost!

Quite the declaration.

Wow… You need to brush up on your End Times Prophecy! You’re not even close.


Where is the Catholic outrage over recent American immigration policies?

I misunderstood… apologies.

I thought you were saying that even though the American Bishops and Pope have condemned the horrible policies that separate parents children at the border, we don’t have to follow their lead because they haven’t been stated excathedra…

Why wouldn’t another Church position stated by Pope and Bishops that has not been stated excathedra be disregarded as well?


It can perhaps be part of a purification in the sense that many American Catholics put the stance of their preferred political party over Church teachings. So many Democrat Catholics will accept the Church’s stance on immigration, but then take the stance that abortion should be legal (the “I personally oppose it but it should be legal” stance). Many Republican Catholics will accept the Church’s stance on abortion, but will gladly condone children being separated from their parents.

Pilate said to them, “Shall I crucify your King?” The chief priests answered, “We have no king but Caesar.”


I have issues with the way the US is handling children, but not because of the Bishops. This does not make politics my king.


It very well could.

Not to derail the thread but, for example, JP2 says that in most first-world countries, the death penalty is completely unnessecary due to the nature of the Western penal system. However, that’s just JP2 talking- there are plenty of Catholics on good standing with the Church who support the DP in America as it is.


This is precisely why I don’t give much of a hoot about politics and just march to my own drummer and say/ do what I want. It usually ends up with Dems and Repubs who are “into” their party politics each finding their own reasons to dislike me, but who cares?


Yet Pope Francis has said that the death penalty is fundamentally contrary to the Gospel… and compared the Church’s developing position on the death penalty to that of slavery.

Death Penalty Discussion from "Purification of the Catholic Church"

Yep, with only two options that ever stand a chance of winning, no candidate is going to meet all of the checkmarks of Catholic teaching.


One clarification… jp2 didn’t say that the death penalty was unnecessary, but said that it was morally not allowed if a suitable alternative exists… he didn’t outlaw it, but taught authoritatively about it’s use. I don’t believe pious opinions make it into the Catechism… but I digress… too far off thread.

Dangerous slope… pick and choose unless declared a certain way


There are people in this world who are so evil and powerful that the Death Penalty would be necessary.

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