Purity Ring


Hi, I’m a 15 year-old catholic who just got a purity ring today. I made the promise to myself when I was 8, but my father wanted me to wait and make sure I really believed in my decision. We are going to church tomorrow and I wanted to know about getting it blessed.
Who should I ask?
How long would it take?
What would happen?
Do I need to memorize any scripture?

Thanks in advance!
God Bless.


If you simply want the ring blessed there’s nothing to it - any priest or deacon can bless it, just go up to them before or after Mass and ask.

They just say a simple prayer over it (and usually make the sign of the cross over it as well). It takes a matter of seconds.


welcome to CAF Monkey.

how happy for you to have made a vow to God, to yourself, and to your parents to the virtue of chastity. many blessings and challenges will come from your living that promise.

the priest or deacon will gladly bless your ring. it will only take a minute. you just thank him when he’s done.


thankyou both very much
I am going to get it blessed tomorrow after mas


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