Purity rings enter world of sex, drugs, rock'n' roll


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Teen star Miley Cyrus wears one, so does “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks and the members of the hit boy band The Jonas Brothers.
But it took the ridicule of a British comedian at a music awards show to highlight the entry of purity rings into the old equation of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll – minus the drugs.
Purity rings, also known as chastity or promise rings, are worn by tens of thousands of young American teens who have pledged to remain virgins until marriage.


this line near the end of the article is a little perplexing tho???
“Critics applaud the principle but say the problems arise when young Americans grow up, and are often ignorant of how to manage contraception and sexual health when they do decide to have sex.”

i guess that means you need to start practicing early??? not!!

I think its wonderful to that teens have role models who aren’t debauched. As for the final sentence of the article, which quotes the director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, my guess is that he is worried that this phenomenon might be construed as supporting abstinence only education.

Sorry to dissapoint you, but this really isn’t something to be excited about. Those rings and abstinence pledges really don’t work.
Not just that, but did you see what Miley Cyrus did on the Teen Choice Awards? How about the explicit pictures of her on the internet? After doing stuff like that, I hardly think she should say she’s still a virgin.

Purity rings are not about rock stars or movie stars it is about the many many young adults who have chosen this lifestyle.

As for the judging these young rock stars/ movies stars, I am always appalled by those many people who will look at them and mock them when it is exactly those same people who put them up on that pedal stool just for the purpose of knocking them off. These kids need our prayers and not our ridicule, they are thrown into a sewer and then expected to stay clean, it is almost impossible.

Advertising virginity has become the latest fad thanks to the Jonas Brothers. What more needs to be said? :rolleyes:

I’m certainly no follower of pop culture, but there are worse fads that could be advertised. I find it refreshing that chastity has a slight foothold in the popular media. I recall several years ago when President Bush was advocating abstinence education and the popular press were all repeating how it was unrealistic for teenagers to refraim from sex.

Because expecting a majority of teenagers to refrain from sex is unrealistic (in fact, the vast majority have already had sex by the age of 17) and abstinence-only education doesn’t work.

As a mom of a preteen young lady it is very refreshing to know there are some in the lime lite world who have held on to morality (even if it is only lip service). At least I can be comfortable letting her hear music that isn’t constantly telling her that she is a piece of trash that is to be used. I have never understood why the Feminist crowed does not stand up and protest the horrible way that the media keep telling our young ladies that they are to looked at and act like trash by the young men around them.

You know for a long time it was not only the expected but also the norm for teenagers to refain form being treated like objects.

Why is it that our culture tends to think of themselves as being more advanced and more human when we let our children think they are not worthy of being truly loved? When we tell our children that their virginity is not important then we are telling them that it is okay to be used. This is very damaging to a young adult in so many ways.

I think the ‘purity rings’ are being used in the same manner that folks in the seventies watched the movie 'Reefer Madness" – this is sarcastic and sardonical.

It’s true. Take it from a teen. I went for a summer job and some of the applicants were talking about it over luch like it was no big deal :eek:


Because the popular culture and the popular media have accepted the notion that teenagers can’t control themselves sexually doesn’t mean it’s true or that others can’t hold alternative beliefs.

For centuries prior to the advent of artificial birth control, unmarried people (to include teens) were expected to refrain from sexual intercourse outside of marriage. While no one believes the world was perfect in that regard prior to the 1960’s, it was not considered unrealistic for teenagers to remain virgins.

That most teens have sex prior to age 17 is an indictment of our nation’s values (assuming those are US numbers) and the widespread failure of parenting.

The most telling situation is the fact that births to unwed mothers actually increased with the widespread acceptance of birth control. It’s not that teenagers can’t control themselves, it’s that they are no longer expected to. It’s sad in a way. Despite all our knowledge and technological progress, we have regressed in an area so basic to human dignity.

Where did you get that stat? On the news they were talking about how a recent survey said only 46% of 17 year olds have had sex, while the number was 56% in 1992.

I’m a teen too and my older sis and I both have purity rings. She’s had hers for 7 years and I’ve had mine for 4 years. I think it takes maturity to remain chaste and that purity rings do work if the people who wear them take it seriously. I’m surrounded by people not living a pure life and I see them come crying when they regret ever getting into it and from the outside looking in at all this pain I think I’ve made a good choice and I’d advise all teens to take this path. But this is impossible without prayer. Prayer is needed too.

God Bless!

eh, maybe. Perhaps some teens take that attitude. But others might not. After all, teen pregnancy will totally change a persons life trajectory. Becoming a parent in one’s teens will mean forgoing college, and even perhaps getting a high school diploma.

Of course, there is the option of abortion. But is that something we want to encourage?

Who decides when you have sex? The State? Seriously, when did people buy into the idea that they cannot control themselves when it comes to sex?

Unrealistic? By whose standards? I watched as the media sold this lie and some parents believed it: “You can’t stop your kids from having sex so your only choice is to give them contraception.”

Nope. False. Yes, some kids will not listen. I get that. But if mom and dad simply throw up their hands because they believed some “expert” then they are not doing what they’re supposed to do.

Wake up my fellow Catholics.

God bless,

That is the truth. In the late 1970s, feminists called men “male chauvenist pigs.” They told men to stop treating women like sex objects. But, the real goal was to destroy the natural relationship between men and women. To destroy the family.

Teach your young men and young ladies to treat each other with respect.

God bless,

This was created and encouraged by a small group of people.

When Pope Paul VI issued the encyclical Humanae Vitae in 1968, he warned Catholics and everyone interested, that The Pill would bring temptation and that true, committed love was to be valued. He warned of increased promiscuity if these words were not heeded.

In the 1960s, sex was not part of dating. You got to know the girl’s family and she got to know yours. Even movies and TV programs showed dating, romance and true love, followed by marriage.

In 1968, the Hippies launced the Sexual Revolution. In the 1970s, Adult Bookstores opened everywhere. The forbidden was now in plain sight and it was legal. Who was behind this? A few lawyers, judges and organized crime. Topless bars opened, and those behind it yelled “First Amendment!” We have the Right!

The same with abortion. A handful of judges said OK.

Yes, we were expected to refrain from sex until marriage but gradually, the voices of those who wanted unrestrained sexual behavior kept getting louder and louder. “You know what the problem is with you Catholics? You’re sexually repressed!”

Let’s hold ourselves to a higher standard. Man has not fundamentally changed in the last 2,000 years, regardless of our knowledge and technology.

God bless,

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