Purity Rings?


Hi there,

Does anyone here wear a purity ring? Mine is not a typical True Love Waits purity ring. It’s a ring my aunt got me from JcPenny for my birthday. It’s sterling silver, and it says Love Life and on the inside Be Brave. At the time, I was in a relationship and the guy did not treat me well. He did not respect my purity. I broke up with him and continued wearing the ring. I lost it for a long time. When I got back from my retreat a few weeks ago, I found it on my nightstand. It has new meaning for me now. I’m discerning a vocation, and it just reminds me to not worry about boys at my high school…just love my life. and if the time comes, be brave and take a stand for Christ in any way.

Do you wear a purity ring?



After losing my wedding ring I wore one and after finding my ring again we gave it to our son who does wear it.


God bless you, jeanne...it's beautiful to wear a purity ring. :hug1: I think they are neat.


My boyfriend gave me a beautiful ring for Christmas the first year we were dating, and instead of making it a promise ring, we decided to make it more of a purity ring: a constant reminder of the fact that we were committed to each other and willing to wait until marriage :-)


I must disagree with everyone-a purity ring? They’re henious! Awful! How could you wear something like that! How dare you!


Girl, I am so proud of you! Wear it with pride! You rock!


Aw, Rascal.... your sarcasm is in full today!:p

I have been wearing the one my parents bought me when I entered highschool, we even had it blessed by our priest! I truly believe it has helped me through some of my relationships...:)


I think it is important for parents to give their daughters a small diamond ring so they don't wish for a diamond ring from a boy. Too many girls want a ring from a boy. I had a cousin who's mom gave her one of her diamond dinner ring and she was very happy with her ring.

High school kids have promise rings with a tiny diamond. I never heard of a purity ring but I think that is a great idea.


I see your reasoning behind this, however…that can be VERY misleading to a lot of people. Just my opinion though…:shrug: Mine is a gold band with a wrapped heart on it, and even that was mistaken for an engagement ring…:o I personally love the Claddagh rings both for their simplicity and symbolism…


Have you seen the irish weave wedding bands? They are GORGEOUS. When I get married I would love those.

When you get engaged or married, it might be a cool idea to pass the purity ring on to your own son or daughter.


I’m discerning a vocation to religious life. My wedding band is to Jesus. :thumbsup:

But I will pass it on to someone who needs it when the time comes.



Oh, come on? Your thinking of a vocation to the religious life? What has gotten into you?

Um, by the way-I’m kidding again. If you enter into the religious life, God bless you 23,298 times.

But no more than 23,298.


Everyone says that I should marry my perfect man…and that’s Jesus!

But thanks. 23, 299 times. :slight_smile:



I don't typically wear any jewelry (I'm male), but I support purity rings! :thumbsup:


[quote="LaLucia, post:7, topic:190458"]
High school kids have promise rings with a tiny diamond. I never heard of a purity ring but I think that is a great idea.


What's the difference between a 'promise ring' and a 'purity ring'?


[quote="Vincent1984, post:14, topic:190458"]
What's the difference between a 'promise ring' and a 'purity ring'?


I think a promise ring is a gift a guy gives a girl when he promises to marry them.

The progression is-promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ring.


Yes, Promise rings are usually given in a relationship, purity rings can be given to either single people or people in a relationship....:)


Thanks. :slight_smile:

In that case … what’s the difference between a ‘promise ring’ and an ‘engagement ring’?


[quote="Vincent1984, post:17, topic:190458"]
Thanks. :)

In that case ... what's the difference between a 'promise ring' and an 'engagement ring'?


Alright, alright-you win!

Beats me!



I have always taken it to mean you promise to be true, and chaste with each other, along the lines of purity ring, but more of a promise to each other:)…My take on it though, not sure if that is the whole thing or not…


I just looked it up, in addition to what Miss Lily says, apparently they were given when young couples were too poor to support a family, via the male’s inheritance, her dowry, or his earnings.

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