Purity Warriors

Hi Everyone,

I’m a 20 year old college student, and I am just posting on here to profess God’s love and Mercy.

If you guys have ever heard this, “The longer you are pure, the easier it is to be pure”, This is very true. I know how hard it is to stop the vice of pornography and masturbation, so I want to start a “Purity Warrior” accountability group.

As many people who want to be in it, just e-mail me at rhannosh619@gmail.com

We can keep daily checks on one another(or the group), This is just a spur of the moment thing, but Lets fight this war… Together!

email me at rhannosh619@gmail.com if you are interested and need the help or just want to support!

What do you mean by ‘accountability group’?

Basically, accountability groups would speak to eachother daily, or weekly, or whatever, and we could check to see how eachother is doing in our purity.

"So where did you struggle? How many times did you fall? What are you doing to try to stop?

Simple questions like that

Interesting idea…

Congratulations on your dedication to purity and for starting the “Purity Warriors” group. (forums.catholic.com/group.php?groupid=787)

I thought I would make sure that you and your group members are aware of the “Impurity Addiction Support Group” (link in my sig), since you might find some useful resources posted there. Three of the threads might be of particular interest: the 40-Day Purity Challenge, the Advice Archives, and the Request for Accountability Partners (for people who were looking for a one-on-one partner). Our 40-Day thread has already committed members mostly checking in for encouragement and progress reports, so I think your accountability group might serve a valuable function in actively challenging people who are in the most difficult phase of the fight, before they are ready for a 40-day marathon.

Praying for us all,

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Thank you for that link, and thank you for informing us of that group.

A few people have joined the Purity Warriors group so far, and thats a blessing from God. I hope for this group to be a bit more personal than the impurity addiction group, but thank you!

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