Purpose of my life?

Good evening all,

Some background info about me before I ask my questions. BTW, this is a long post.

Ever since I was 4 years old, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a dentist. As a dentist, I want to be the person to take pain away and give smiles through my knowledge of science and compassion for humanity. My parents have always love and supported me. They always told me to always pray; pray for anything that you can’t control. 17 years later, I’m a senior at UT. For 3 years, I’ve been trying to do my best in school in order to get the best grades possible since dental school is so competitive nowadays. I recently sent in my dental school application and I’m just prayin’ for an interview. I talked to my parents and they basically said, “If you get in this time, great! If not, keep trying but most importantly keep prayin’.”

For a long time, there was this uncertainty in the back of my mind. I try not to think about it because I fear it will distract me but the question is, “What IF I’m not meant to be a dentist?” What if God has something else in store for me but I just can’t see it? The part that fears me the most is that if somehow in the near future, I don’t want to be a dentist anymore, I will know that I have WASTED all my time and all of my parent’s money for my undergrad.

There were many times during my undergrad career when I doubted myself whether or not I could even get in to dental school. However, I believe that God has given me some “signs” regarding what to do with my life. My dentist has pretty much implied that he would offer me an associateship at his practice once I graduate from dental school (since I told him I wanted to come home to practice). I also met a dentist who is on the board of admissions (who gave me her number and email address without me asking) when I was volunteering at a clinic this past summer. The day after, I met another dentist in my hometown who works at my first choice dental school. She invited me to come observe her practice during winter break.

So far, all I know is that God does hear my prayers and if He doesnt answer it right away, He will answer it soon as long as I never give up hope.

I also know that this isn’t a dating forum or anything but I also want to ask this question.
One of the reasons why I chose to pursue dentistry is because of family. I have a little brother who is 7 years old who I love dearly. It pains me to go off to college every year because I miss everything that goes on in his life (birthdays, learning to ride a bike, etc.) and he looks up to me. As a dentist, I know that I will be able to serve my community without being on call and that I will be able to come home to my future family everyday.

We live in a society that is filled with sex, alcohol, etc.There’s always peer pressure but I always stick to my faith to strengthen me. I have a lot of friends who all have girlfriends, are getting married, and etc. I know that my studies come first but part of me wants to be part of that inner circle of relationships. One thing for sure: I’ve chosen to completely abstain from any type of sexual activity until I meet my future wife. I take great pride in my faith and that marrying a Catholic girl in the future will be one of the best days of my life.

My question is (which ties with my previous questions), how will I know if I do meet this special someone? How do I know if I’ve met her already but God has other plans for me (like not being a dentist) and living a completely different life?

This was a really long post and I apologize in advance but these are the things that I feel worried about. I’m just really unsure of what will happen to me.

God bless y’all.

Sounds like you are on the right path. Continue to do your best and Trust in The Lord. Any time you doubt it is not the Holy Spirit speaking.

You will meet the right girl at the right time !

I can only imagine that your parents are very proud of you, I would be.

Praying that you will be accepted into dental school. :thumbsup:

The purpose of your life is to know, love, and serve God. Continue to focus on this and you will be fine. As KrazyKat said, you seem to be off to a fine start.

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