Push to block mosque near Pisa’s Leaning Tower gathers steam

Push to block mosque near Pisa’s Leaning Tower gathers steam bit.ly/2bxeXnE

The proposed mosque, a few hundred yards from the world-famous tower, has been approved by Pisa’s city council, but opponents say it is too close to the tower, one of Italy’s top tourist attractions, and opponents also fear it could radicalize local Muslims.

Please, stop with the cultural appropriation! I’m Protestant, but I’m not saying we should put Protestant churches in every single place where there is a cultural site. If someone were offended by this, that is certainly reasonable.

Maybe we need a mosque in Vatican City now?! :rolleyes:

Why can’t you put a mosque or church next to a cultural site? I’m not sure I get the connection between the leaning tower and Islamic terrorism. Is there a link that I don’t know about?

I thought Europe had religious liberty protections. For us Catholics we have to follow the words of God: do unto other’s as you’d have them do unto you. I don’t think we’d appreciate others telling us where we can worship, so we should respect their wishes as well.

[quote=Crux]“Today we are at war, whether you like it or not, and we have to fight it with whatever we have,” said Daniela Santanche, a lawmaker from the center-right Forza Italia party who joined protesters in Pisa last weekend, Aug. 20.

Mosques should be closed, not opened, because they are not places of worship but places that preach hatred.”

Those leading the “No Mosque” campaign say they have gathered more than 2,000 signatures, which they claim is enough for a referendum to overturn the council decision.
But Izzedin Elzir, the president of the Union of Italian Islamic Communities, said any referendum would be “unconstitutional” and threaten Muslims’ religious freedom.

I find the bolded part a bit concerning. Is religion the primary motivation for wanting the approval overturned?

I have this vision of naughty Muslim tourists posing for photographs as if pushing the tower over rather than the usual cliché of appearing to be holding it up.

Like this one? They don’t look like Muslims to me but you can never tell

Well, ISIS is telling its sympathisers to disguise themselves. :smiley:

There is something about Pisa that does seem to bring out the international nature of tourist lack of taste though!

If Seattle was smart they would tilt the Space Needle about seven or eight degrees - think of the tourist industry they could create!

Leave it up to the people of Pisa. If they want a mosque near the Leaning Tower, so be it. If they don’t, then so be that.

Personally, if I were a Pisano, I’d vote against it. I don’t see how having a mosque near the Tower improves the city, improves the Pisan community. We too often think only of ideas of a right to this or a right to that, but there is no right to have a place of worship wherever you want it and minority rights aren’t the only rights.

Maybe they’re afraid that having Muslims in the neighborhood would decrease tourism. If I were from Pisa I’d be against any new construction near the Tower including a church which, given the trend in church architecture would be an eyesore.

I really wonder if all the people talking about how they wouldn’t want a church near a tourist attraction understand what the Leaning Tower is: The bell tower of the Pisa Cathedral.

I can understand that, at least in the immediate vacinity of the tower. However, according to the article, the reason for the opposition is not so innocent. The law maker pushing this referendum want to close all mosques because the teach hate. Can everyone see how easily this could be a Catholic Church?

There already is a Catholic Church near the Leaning Tower. In fact the Leaning Tower is part of it: The Cathedral of Pisa.

Mussolini would allow the mosque to open there since he sympathized with Islam.

How would anyone herefeel if some one didnt want a christian church to open saying that it was a bad religion?

I think the big mistake a lot of people are making is to view Islam as being no different than any other religion.

Well, as for the “bad” religion part, there are posters on CAF who every day tell Catholics what’s wrong with Catholicism and how it should change to suit their sensibilities. There have are even those posters who say Catholics are “hateful” for upholding the teachings of the Church. So… :shrug:

…so how would you feel if someone started a petition with that as a basis to get approval to build a church building revoked?

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