Push to overturn Australia's sex selection ban

More crazy stuff from Australia. A doctor wants Australia’s sex selection bans overturned to help couples balance their families.

He believes families that already have three or more children of the same gender should be allowed to use IVF to choose the sex of future children.

I hope this does not happen. There is already enough deaths through abortion here.

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Link to post?

Sorry here it is


Why just the families?

What about balance in the city, county, country, etc…

But of course, how can a wannabe genius knows that.

What a fool !

Gender selection is legal in the U.S. I’m a bit surprised it isn’t legal in Australia. I don’t understand why this specific procedure isn’t permitted when it’s legal to have an abortion for just about any reason there(including gender).

well I think it’s only a matter of time before we lower ourselves to the standard.

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