Push Within Religions for Gay Marriage Gets Little Attention

From the moment the Supreme Court ruled last month in favor of a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, opponents placed the decision in a very specific analytical frame. Here, they contended, was an egregious example of secular culture triumphing over religious values and religious freedom.

“Profoundly immoral and unjust,” the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops said in a statement. The Orthodox Union, the national association of Orthodox Jewish congregations, declared its “emphatic” and “unalterable” religious opposition to same-sex marriage. The prominent evangelist Franklin Graham reiterated that God had created marriage between man and woman and said, “His decisions are not subject to review or revision by any man-made court.”


Except for those churches who had already begun to gear up and be ready to do it when the law was ratified.

I think the mainline, conservative churches have been developing and anticipating the possible lawsuits that will follow when sermons are considered “hate” speeches, denial of of wedding services and other possible ramifications will pop up at its results. Bottom line we, as Christians need to be ready to love these people into the church.

God bless all!!


:rolleyes: It depends on what your sources are.

If you pay attention to only secular liberal media, then yeah - it gets little attention.

If you pay attention to conservative or religious media, then it’s getting plenty of attention.

What do you mean by “love people into the church”? How would that work?

For so long we Christians have reacted badly and hatefully to those who have decided to “come out of the closet.” Christ never shied away from people who were “unclean” and “sinful” - we as Christians need to follow His example…this doesn’t mean we compromise His teachings which He never did but find a way to love the sinner and “hate the sin.”

My niece claims she is a lesbian - when she told the family her father (who is a fundamental Christian) told her she “was going to hell.” Those words are not going to bring her back - it’s going to take a special person who will develop a relationship with her and help her understand why what she’s doing is wrong’ - My job, as her aunt is to be there if she needs me and pray for her - that the Holy Spirit will convict her that it’s wrong and she needs to be open to what God wants from her in her life.

I hope that makes sense - 1:30 in the morning and I should be in bed…

God bless!!


I’m having some difficulty understanding this thread’s title . I’m well aware there are people who believe religious faiths that have come to the acceptance of monogamous homosexual marriage have done so merely by bowing to the secular or popular public opinion. I’ve seen such a view expressed often here on CAF. So are you saying until you read this article, you just weren’t aware theological understanding was indeed being considered as the various religious faith communities have come to the understanding that they now have?

Because I just must say as someone who has even just somewhat followed the debate within some of the more mainline-progressive Christian churches, I was well aware theological understanding was indeed being examined. Good and well meaning persons of faith can and do cerrainly have theological differences on any number of things and don’t agree on everything. That’s simply part of the nature of faith.

But I don’t think any of them just one day decided to pull their understanding out of a hat or said we’re just going to cave to secular opinion and that’s that. But rather theology was indeed considered and much prayer and discernment went into it.

Thanks, Rita, for clarifying that. I’m sorry about your niece and hope her father comes to understand better.

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