Pushback on Synod document [News Analysis] [CC]

Controversy sharpened at the Synod of Bishops, as many prelates have complained that an interim report released on October 13 did not accurately represent the thoughts of the Synod …


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Please allow me to say that with all respect for the good that Pope Francis has done, I have been very disappointed in the ambiguity that he has allowed to flourish from he very beginning. This is not what the Church needs in these already confusing times. And so I will keep him in my prayers.

Thank you for the link. God bless.

I don’t think Muller was clear enough in how he feels about the released document. :smiley:

I agree and don’t believe the damage can be controlled.


I read a story that when Jorge Bergolio-Sivori was elected pope, he wanted to take the name John. That should have been a warning about Vatican II revival to everyone involved. Then, a cardinal from Brazil shouted over to him, “Don’t forget the poor!” That was when he chose the name Francis.

St. Francis Borja y Aragon is the patron saint of earthquakes. He also spent much of his life doing reparation for a very bad pope: namely Alexander VI (Roderigo BORJA) A major family embaressment. We should pray to God for Francis, and maybe a little prayer shot up to Francis B y A might help too!

Um…a warning about Vatican II?


I agree we need clarification, but the Pope has a reason for what he is doing. Dialogue is important, so it seems that’s what the Pope is allowing for now.

This has been quite a day, hasn’t it?

That’s all I have to say about that.

Amen to that.

And Thursday and Saturday will probably also be “quite a day” kind of days.

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