Pushing people away


This is probably the wrong place to come to talk about this I am sorry . Looking for advice . I am 28 year old woman single . Recently I noticed I have been pushing men away who r trying to get to know me . Not sexually . I panick and push them and hide from them . They r nice guys . I don’t know what to do please help


I’m guessing you have an inkling of the reason you’re doing that. Is it shyness or something else? Really, though, they’re just people like you and me, a little flawed like the rest of us. Personally I enjoy talking with strangers… they’re usually interesting and amusing.

I’m not so sure that what you’re doing is necessarily wrong… I think it depends on your motives, but I’d recommend that you try to think of them as parents, friends, children, siblings… it might make it easier to accept them as one’s neighbour… we’re all called to love our neighbours as ourselves.


I am hardly what one would consider to be an advice columnist but here is my very amateur response to your situation. Firstly, I see nothing wrong with your behaviour. Secondly, I see nothing wrong with your behaviour. :slight_smile:

Were I to find myself suddenly single again I would very likely do the same. If you have no desire to open up to these people there may well be a very good reason for it. Wait until you find someone who you really feel a kinship with. There’s no rush. My daughter is 33 and still single, which she is quite content with. Pray and be at ease.

-Dr. CW


I feel like this something I would do on purpose, which I suppose isn’t very good of me.


It sounds like you would benefit from a little counseling.


Sounds like anxiety.
Did you always have anxiety?, did you ever have a boyfriend? Are there other things in your life draining your emotion to the point you just can’t take on a relationship?


Reading the OP’s previous posts, it’s clear that she would benefit from counseling.


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